– I am listening to “Azeemushshaan Shahenshah” from “Jodhaa Akbar” at 5 am in the morning, and I’ve killed the night doing absolutely nothing, while the other half sleeps peacefully besides me. Am I weird?

– That song is not on repeat, but that’s all I have listened to in the past hour. I am always on the fence 😛

– I have to attend a little get-together/birthday bash in a bohemian (and popular) bar in the evening. I don’t drink, but I eat. Though I am not sure if the someone is coughing up for the drinks, I am not planning to pay for Calamari (that’s all I can eat) 😦

– I am craving for the nachos they serve at Brewerkz. This place again is a bar, and that’s how I pass time at bars!

– I like the redesigned admin portion of WordPress, it looks sweet and stylish and very laid back. I’ll have to play around though.

– I think Internet Explorer 8 just might be a good piece of software afterall, but in my geeky zeal I updated my beta version (installed previously) to the Release Candidate they just pushed. I shouldn’t have. Now the trackpad scroll wheel emulation works erratically most of the time, and the text cursor/caret positioning is just weird, being almost half a letter away from where it should be!

– I am downloading the beta version of Windows 7, though my harddisk is almost filled up to the brim. I’ll run it on a virtual machine anyway and it needs 16GB of free space, which is haaaaaaaard to get in my harddisk. I think I’ll have to say bye-bye to some cherished movies 😦

– I am enjoying every moment of being a hubby. Though its more like we’re friends. I think the reality hasn’t settled in yet, it would soon though as a trip to Pakiland is due!

– I am eating home-made food these days (anything cooked at home qualifies as home-made, right?), and that too almost three times a day. As a result I am gaining flesh on my sides. She says they are love handles anyway, so it doesn’t matter. I think it does!

– I am thinking of working on an idea. Any idea. Do you have one?

– I think I should go to sleep. I don’t want to be slacking off at work and dozing off in the lecture, and it almost seems like Shahenshah sahab is pounding away in my head! 😛

Oh and how I love my chotuuu!!!


The brief hiatus

So after the brief hiatus, I’m here. Not exactly promising to be back in action, but I can assure the few readers left who actually read my blog (and I read theirs) to update once in a while…

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. The days were a mixture of fun, fears, confusion, enthusiasm and hope. My sweet (and significant) other arranged a surprise birthday party for me, and indeed it was a great surprise as any because the event was arranged before my birthday 😛 The best thing was the long list of presents (actually, 23) from her, signifying the years I have spent in this world. These included (for sake of brevity I’m not listing them, but I can do it if somebody insists :P) 4 books, 3 tees, 1 cargo, 1 jeans, 1 shirt, 1 cap, 1 3-pack socks (duh!), 1 can of Fox’s, 1 cute cuddly bear soap-holder, 1 skeleton, 1 “Completely Nuts”, 1 Shower Gel (:P), 1 picture frame, 1 snake piece, 1 customized mug, flowers, cake and surprise!

Phew~! Now I can proudly claim I own atleast one piece from all the shops in Park Towers!

And our engagement turned one year young also… Pray we live in fun as we always do 🙂

For the loyalists reading this, I might have something to reveal over the days… Stay tuned!

Chaandni Raatein

Beautiful song, made immortal.

There is just something in this version that makes the heart goes ting.

The Coolest Gizmo

Finally, after a long wait, I get my iPod. Yeah, it’s here, in my hands, playing its sweet music. The sleek lines, the slick exterior, it isimages.jpg something worth going ga-ga over.

I admit, I have been drooling over it for a little over two years. The wait was pretty okay, now I think. The 2GB iPod nano has fast won its place over the Razr. The Razr must have gotten sad now, as I spend most of my time with the nano 😛

By the way, I plan to give it a name. Haven’t decided yet. Opinions are welcome.

And of course, the nano will be branded as soon as I get the time. Just like the Razr has been. I don’t go with stock options, when a thing becomes mine, it should also show that it’s mine!silver.jpg Whoever wants to drool over it can do away with the pictures. God, I’m in love!

(Sorry if I don’t make sense, I am too excited!)

And lots of muaaaaaaaaaahs to the one who fulfilled my need 😛 You know who you are!

Warid and some retrospection save the day!

Being in Pakistan sucks magnanimously when you have a deadline the next day and in the middle of the night just when you are completing your report that is to be sent, your internet cable network dies on you. The little red cross or the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark that appear on the two little monitors on the right bottom of the screen, are incredibly annoying. Doesn’t help either if the only internet cards you had bought were in the *early* days of the internet and since then have been relying on the cable or the hours you had hacked. You don’t even know if the dukaan on the gali ka nukkar sells internet cards anymore…

That’s where some common sense and your techy, inquisitive nature save your neck.

Enough of an introduction, the above scenario was happening to me a few hours ago. The internet had died, all my friends had migrated to dsl, and using internet cards seems positively non-geeky to me. I had to use the internet for an email, but it had to be in style.

And this is where the common sense kicked in. My faithful Razr, and the old Warid SIM, combined to give me a truly streaming internet experience. For those of you for whom connecting the PC to the internet via a cellphone is still a far-fetched idea, think again. It is as seamless as it gets. However, you’ll still need a cable that connects your phone to your PC, a CD with its drivers, and GPRS enabled on your SIM. Oh, and some common sense would most certainly help.

You wouldn’t need to setup any new dialups, no hassle. Just remember to discard any proxy settings if enabled on your network, and of course, disable the ISA Firewall client for Firefox to work properly; if you indeed follow these and decide to be a little cool.

PS: This post is written while connected to the internet through a cellphone, and the previous email was sent using this method also. And it has taken a considerable lot of time!

You’re officially invited…


Najia’s finally got around to holding her exhibition. You are invited 🙂 and of course, we’ll try to make this event a success;)

Venue: 50/2, B-6 Street, Phase V, DHA, Karachi

Date: 23 December 2006. 11 AM onwards

We’d love to see you there!