Warid and some retrospection save the day!

Being in Pakistan sucks magnanimously when you have a deadline the next day and in the middle of the night just when you are completing your report that is to be sent, your internet cable network dies on you. The little red cross or the yellow triangle with an exclamation mark that appear on the two little monitors on the right bottom of the screen, are incredibly annoying. Doesn’t help either if the only internet cards you had bought were in the *early* days of the internet and since then have been relying on the cable or the hours you had hacked. You don’t even know if the dukaan on the gali ka nukkar sells internet cards anymore…

That’s where some common sense and your techy, inquisitive nature save your neck.

Enough of an introduction, the above scenario was happening to me a few hours ago. The internet had died, all my friends had migrated to dsl, and using internet cards seems positively non-geeky to me. I had to use the internet for an email, but it had to be in style.

And this is where the common sense kicked in. My faithful Razr, and the old Warid SIM, combined to give me a truly streaming internet experience. For those of you for whom connecting the PC to the internet via a cellphone is still a far-fetched idea, think again. It is as seamless as it gets. However, you’ll still need a cable that connects your phone to your PC, a CD with its drivers, and GPRS enabled on your SIM. Oh, and some common sense would most certainly help.

You wouldn’t need to setup any new dialups, no hassle. Just remember to discard any proxy settings if enabled on your network, and of course, disable the ISA Firewall client for Firefox to work properly; if you indeed follow these and decide to be a little cool.

PS: This post is written while connected to the internet through a cellphone, and the previous email was sent using this method also. And it has taken a considerable lot of time!


4 Responses

  1. No wonders.

  2. My friends Asad had been using ufone GPRS and he says that its good.

  3. Shari: couldn’t compare how different networks are faring with their GPRS systems, but Warid provides me with a pretty decent bandwidth at 115 kbps. I am fine with that.

  4. plz give me the free settings of warid, if anyone knows

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