Question of the day

How do you fry an egg if you’ve run out of cooking oil?

Use butter?


8 Responses

  1. butter sounds a good option for frying eggs…i’ll ask my mom to try that…

  2. I guess I’d need to perfect that technique, because the resulting “thing” is quite messy and blackish. I guess its because butter has a lower boiling point than cooking oil 😦

  3. butter is good actually. My mom uses it all the time.

  4. I got cooking oil yayyyy! I guess I ll experiment with oil n butter 😛

    Can you ask your mom to provide some tips?

  5. Allah toba

  6. Yeh kis chiz ki toba hui? I am bored instant noodles kha kha ke 😦

  7. Ghee:)
    if u live in Dubai, then kisi malbari ka head:P they so smell of coconut oil

  8. It’s easy to fry an egg perfectly once you’ve got the basics down. … Allow the pan to heat, but not so much as to cause the oil or … After one or two minutes of cooking.

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