Why Materazzi earned Zidane’s headbutt…

Italy’s Marco Materazzi finally disclosed what exactly he said to
incur the wrath of Zinedine Zidane during World Cup 2006 Final. During
an interview, he told Gazzetta dello Sport:

“When I held Zidane’s shirt, he said: ‘If you want, I’ll give you the
jersey later.'”

“I responded that I preferred his sister, it’s true,” Materazzi said.

“It wasn’t something nice, true. But luckily there have been dozens of
players who have confirmed that a lot worse things are said on the

Seems like Materazzi also has Pakistani leacher tendencies,
always referring to other people’s sisters and mothers… Any
self-respecting man would be proud to execute that

Go Zidane!

Source: Yahoo! Sports