Prediction of Mohammad (SAW) in Hindu scriptures

I got the following mail a few days ago:

Edit: Before posting a comment, read the whole post. Especially the second-last and the last paragraph. I am only outlining discrepancies in the Hindu professor claims, not reinforcing them.
Edit 2: I would not tolerate any kind of profanity in the comments. Not to Islamic elements, neither to Hindu elements. This is my blog and I reserve the right to administer what kind of comments come up on it. Pure, sensible, thought-provoking comments are always welcome, from either side. I will simply delete profanity-laden comments without a second thought, whether they have any quality content in it or not.

Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay, a Hindu professor, in his stunning book claims that the description of the” Avatar” found in the Holy books of the Hindu religion, matches the Holy Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Recently in India, a fact-revealing book has been published. The Book has been the topic of discussion and gossip all over the country.The author of this book, Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay, is a learned and famous Hindu professor. The book is Kalki Avatar. Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay is a Hindu Brahmin of Bengali origin. He is a research scholar at Allahabad University. After years of research, he published this book, and no less than eight pundits have endorsed and certified his points of argument as authentic. According
to Hindu belief, the Hindu world awaits “the guide and leader”, named Kalki Avatar. However, the description as given in the holy scriptures of the Hindu points only to the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) of Arabia.Therefore, the Hindus of the whole world should not wait any longer for the arrival of Kalki Avatar (the spirit) and should readily accept Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) as Kalki Avatar. These are the FACTS verified and supported by eight other eminent pundits. What the author says is that Hindus, who are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kalki Avatar, are simply subjecting themselves to never ending pain. Because, such a great messenger has already arrived and departed from this world fourteen centuries ago.

The author produces the following sound evidences from the Vedas and other holy books of the Hindu religion in support of his claim:

1. In the Puranas (Hindu scriptures), it is stated that Kalki Avatar would be the last messenger of God in this world. He would be for guidance of the whole world and all human beings.

2. According to a Hindu religion prediction the birth of Kalki Avatar would take place in an isle, which again according to Hindu religion is Arab Region.

3. In books of Hindus, the names of the father and the mother of Kalki Avatar are given as VISHNUBHAGAT and SUMAANI respectively. If we examine the meaning of these names we shall come to some very interesting conclusion. VISHNU (meaning God) + BHAGAT (meaning Slave). Slave of God = ABDULLAH (in Arabic) is the name of Prophet’s (PBUH) Father.

SUMAANI (meaning peace or calmness).Aamenah (in Arabic means peace) is the name of Prophet’s (PBUH) Mother.

4. In the religious books of Hindus, it is mentioned that the staple food of Kalki Avatar would be dates and olives and he would be the most honest and truthful person in the region. Without any doubt the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) is acclaimed to possess these qualities.

5. It is stated in Vedas (holy book of Hindu Religion) that the birth of Kalki Avatar would take place in an honorable clan. This perfectly fits the Quraysh where Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) belonged to.

6. God would teach Kalki Avatar through His messenger (angel) in a cave. Allah taught Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) through His messenger Jibraeel (Gabriel), in a cave known as Ghaar-e-Hira.

7. God would provide Kalki Avatar with a very speedy horse to ride and travel the whole world and the seven skies. Indication of burraq (Horse) and Me’raaj (the night when Prophet [PBUH] travelled the seven skies).

8. God would provide Kalki Avatar with divine help. This was particularly proved in the Battle of Uhud.

9. Another dazzling account given about Kalki Avatar was that he would be born on the 12th of a month. Whereas the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) was born on the 12th of Rabbi ul Awwal (Hijra Calendar).

10. Kalki Avatar would be an excellent horse rider and a swordsman.

The author here draws the attention of Hindus that the real days of horses and swords have gone and the present time of guns and missiles. So it would be foolish on the part of those who still expect Kalki Avatar, who should be an excellent rider and swordsman to come. In fact, the divine book, the Holy Qur’an, contains qualities and signs attributed to Kalki Avatar reflecting on the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)

The author has made a convincing case out of it, but there are various discrepancies. For one, if you decide to believe it, you are indirectly asserting that Hinduism is a true religion, and that their books are infact on the same level as Bible or Torah or Quran.

This proves to be the single most disconcerting thing that puts one off. And this is how, it proves itself to be a hoax. For more information, please read this.

If you get a similar mail, please avoid forwarding it in your Islamic euphoria. Islam is the greatest religion, and it doesnt need substantiating claims from Pagan Scriptures.


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  1. very interestingggggggg !!
    I need to research this !

  2. I recently heard a very detailed and in depth talk by Dr. Zakir Naik on the same subject and he tried to give a lot more references. I wonder if its available on their website, right now my internet connection is too painfully slow to check it out :/

    -1 lakh 24 thousand Messengers were sent, and there wasn’t any nation to which a warner wasn’t sent. So we can’t reject this in its entirety

    -If christians can distort their revelations to call Hazrat Issa the son of God (naozubillah) then over centuries changing a penninsula to an isle doesn’t seem too difficult :p

    -I personally feel that if it is true, and if many Hindus do convert its great.

    -References have been given in the 4 known holy books about Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), and needs NO substantiating claim from pagan scriptures. These pagan scriptures may contain a certain element of truth. Even if one doesn’t accept these claims, they should’nt be rejected in its entirety. Besides earlier revelations were sent for a particular time for a particular group of people, ONLY the Quran is universal!

    Still, great article!

    • 1. I do not understand why Muslims have to push hindus into converting. Allright ! i get it you want to get more points with Allah

      2. I do not understand why Zakir Hussain, jumping around to propose that he has the knowledge about everything. Let him chant the name of Allaha and peacefully die.

      3. when Zakir hussain says it was mentioend in vedas that prophet Mohammed will come ( peace be upon him ) he is invariably saying that Vedas are stronger scriptures and information and was written much before quran. Show we throw vedas and accept quran. give me break i dont thing prophet ever said that.

      4. Tell me how many Muslim are truly following quran so why push hindus.

      5. Maya who ever you are .. i feel you are some muslim guy who is from fan club of zakir with an ice hindu name and you hope that hindus will read your statement and convet .. guess what. I can log in as zakir hussain myself and let us all muslim know convert as hindu.

      6. Muslim need to be first teach their own brothers on how to follow quran once their own bro are true followers of islam then they should go out and PREACH other.. you cant have your brother shitting everywhere in the house and ask neigbours to clean their house.

      7. Being aggressive online or about Religious believe does not turn you into favor of Allah. If allmight would be happy just because you sometime you get emotional and aggressive about then the whole muslim world not be in such a state.

      8. Right i know about the future prediction and confrontation you guys will talk about muslim rulling the world in the future and all that stuff.. ha ha ha.

      9. Please be good Muslims and then preach.

      10. All right Krishna, Allah, Christ – God whatever you call him almighty, .. like we call our mother we differently .. this probably the way to look at ..

      Common abuse me .. good Muslims !

      • Dude! Solid reply! These fanatics deserve such replies only.

      • A dying man be it Ram or Krishna or any other have no Quality of ALMIGHTY ALLAH SWT. God can be,he God, She god, Godfather, God Mother .Gods or Godess. Krisna & ram were created not creator.
        What Zakir Nayak made it clear ” Donot wait for any other obter to arrive. Holy Prophet Mohammed is the Kalki Abtar.
        ALMIGHTY ALLAH made it clear that there were advent of 123999
        before Holy Prophet Mohammed SAS.
        Holy Prophets in every corner of this Earth & a guidance was sent to each of them.
        The Last Holy Prophet sent Holy Quran which superceded all previous scriptures .All Previous laws were eradicated & therefore Holy Quran came with the superb & clear information about the signs & science. All other previous Books have been changed by human hands.
        Priests & Brahmins adultrated the Religious Books for their own benefit & earn money. No Christian or Brahmin could memorise their scripture word for word But Muslims did .
        However Brahmin did not change the Qualities of ALLAHA SWT
        That HE is all Alone,HE is in the beginning & in the End. No one saw Him, No likeness of HIM .HE alone created the universe.
        But still they make Idols of Honuman & Ram ,Radha & Krisna all Novel Chracters & worship them. Committing great sins.
        We as Muslims want to request all humanbeing donot worship Idols but worship none but ALMIGHTY ALLAH & follow the guide lines of
        last Holy Testament THE QURAN.!

  3. i completely agree wid mayya. we know for certauin that Hazrat Mohammad had been mentioned in the other books of God, so why do we have to react with such hate and contempt if the Hindus say it to.
    let us not forget that Allah only promised to preserve the Quran for eternity, the other sacred scriptures have been grossly distorted to accomodate contemporary views and the Vedas for one is a book that was never compiled in its time but was compiled centuries later. so why not?
    Kakli Avatar can very much be a true myth.

    • There only has to be one but that one will contain thousands of interpretations. It’s what the brain does.

  4. Nabeel: You’re welcome to research it. A helpful link is already given in the post.

    Mayya & sid: First of all, as far as I know, the holy scriptures are only four. They were the Quran, Torah, Bible, and Zuboor. I dont think it is mentioned anywhere (atleast I haven’t seen it) that there are scattered scriptures. Considering this myth to be true, we’re indirectly asserting that Vedas is indeed a holy book (naouzubillah).

    But if the Vedas is not a holy book, then it cannot predict about the future, as the knowledge of future is with Allah Himself.

    Besides, this is not only a peninsula or isle we re talking about. Brahmins even have the name of the island where their Kalki Avatar is (or was) supposed to be born. And that this Kalki Avatar will be endowed with eight superhuman faculties.
    But see, an Avatar means literally a reincarnation of a god. But Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) never claimed himself as such, nor he was one.

    Hindus donot claim that they had messengers at any time during their history. Indeed, in the words of Dr. Zakir Naik himself: “Aryan religions are the religions that originated among the Aryans, a powerful group of Indo-European speaking people that spread through Iran Iran and Northern India in the first half of the second
    Mlllenium BC (2000 to 1500 BC).
    The Aryan Religions are further subdivided into Vedic and non-Vedic
    religions. The Vedic Religion Is given the misnomer of Hinduism or
    Brahminism. The non-Vedic Religions are Sikhism, Buddhism, Jainism,
    etc. Almost all Aryan religions are non-Prophetic religions.”


    So I dont think that this claims holds up in the light of these observations. It d be wonderful if the Hindus were to be converted, but lets call an untruth, an untruth.

    Islam wasn’t spread by falsehood, and lets leave it that way.

    • Did you know that the story of adam and eve was first a pagan story of ancient mesopotamia that the Hebrews adapted into their own views?

    • Avatar means –
      as per Webster’s Dictionary

      1) A manifestation or embodiment of a person, concept or philosophy.

      2) A variant phase or version of a continuing basic entity.
      and not an incarnation,

      these pious people were later taken to be gods and worshipped by the pagans and the hinduism
      Hindusim itself says in the Vedas that GOD is one and he is having no form and this well supported in the vedas
      Many attributes were given to GOD btu later these attributes took shape in the and became seperate gods, may be this was doen by some humans of that time to make money in the name of religion, as we can see this even today

    • Nabeel,
      All religion started with the statement “God Sent for saving mankind( as in kuran and bible)” are human created stories. Jesus was just an leader and so as prophit, he was just an ruler. People after so many years started treating them as Gods which is not true. Hindu system is life style system. which only tells how to live peacefully. Yes, in hindu no messenger is required. you can directly talk with God.
      More over Jesus came to India to gain knowledge. Alexander wanted Bhagavadgeeta book as his teacher asked for it.
      hinduisum is not forced on anybody as it is done in Islam and chirstanity. Who name there are only 4 holy books? who gave the permission them to include those ?.
      hinduisum is first religion started in this world and as population became more many religion took birth.

  5. Quite a controversial topic, I will like to keep my comments by myself.

  6. just the way not all prophets are mentioned by names, all books/scriptures are also not named in the Quran. And it could be a possibility that the revelations of other Messengers were not recorded and spread by word of mouth and some of these found their ways in pagan scriptures in highly distorted forms. Just look at the distorted version of the Bible…
    Very recently there was a controversy that Buddha himself might be one of the Messenger of Allah

    There have been lots of non-Prophetic religions, and I’m sure you know that Sikhism is an amalgamation of hinduism and Islam in an attempt to make peace between the two religions in the subcontinent.

    Even if all this seems highly unlikely, don’t reject it in its entirety. We as Muslims are to follow the Quran and Sunnah and not any of the earlier scriptures but we can cast a shadow of doubt over the authenticity of earlier messages of Allah in any form.

  7. i already mentioned that the vedas werent books at all. they were just hymns whcih the people memorised by heart and passed onto the next generation. we do know how many distortions and misinterpretations can creep their way into reported speech, let alone written scriptures.
    if u ever study hinduism, u will find that other than idol worshippin or concept of reincarnation(which is probably how ppl of that time interpretted ‘life after death’), the fundamnetals are the same, peace and truthfulness. even the concept of caste system was later introduced by the priests so that they could increase thier importance as ppl of lower castes werent allowed to memorise the ‘sacred hymns’.
    i believe in a ‘divine existence’ and i also believe that a human mind cannot create a complex religion with its limited intellect; even though it can distort it for the very same reason.

  8. mayya: i believe thaty buddha was a messenger of God.
    did u know that there were 2 braches of buddhism too. Hinayana Buddhists who existed in Ashoka’s time did not consider Buddha to eb a God, neither did they his statues.
    Mahayana Buddhism which was introduced in the time of Kanishka and is practiced even today started treating him as a god and made his statues.

    A prophet was sent to every nation that ever existed. But the ppl always went astray which is why more prophets were sent and Hazrat Mohammad (P.B.U.H) was the last one of them. It really wont be wise to dispel the notion of Hinduism bein a distorted form of a religion sent down by Allah just because of our prejudice towards them.

  9. Ofcourse, I do admit, and it is in the Quran, that there were no people to whom were not sent a messenger.

    But you must see, dear fellows, that the basic strand running through this whole thing is deeply flawed.

    And what that strand is? That all people are reincarnation of Vishnu (their god or something), a concept known as Pantheism. They believe in avatars, not in prophets. We are not believing that Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) was an avatar, lest that a reincarnation of some pagan god.

    The main point of the whole hoax is equating those avatars with Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH). Lets get our minds (and facts) straight.

  10. uxuf: no way we as muslims are going to compromise our beliefs and what the Quran and Sunnah teaches by accepting other beliefs, so thats not the issue at all.

    Sid: Take three statements:

    Buddha is a messenger of Allah

    Buddha is not a messenger of Allah

    Buddha may be a messenger of Allah

    Since we do not know for sure, I am just saying its probably safer to opt in believing in the third statement. Same goes for the entire debate. It may be true, it may not be true.

    • Hi Mayya,

      I have some questions.

      1) Have you seen God/Allah/Bhagawan, whatever? how he looks like? whether its a he or she? Whether it follows Hindu/Muslim/Cristian rituals or traditions?

      If the answer is NO, then all religions are REAL RELIGIONS and that religion is best, which teaches compassion, forgiveness and love.

  11. uxuf: i get what u re tryin to say and i agree. lets not distort our belief system to accomodate their beliefs.
    but i believe like mayya that there might just be a possibility that hinduism may just be a distorted version of a religion preached by a prophet sent down by Allah.
    u cant expect to find a 4000 year old religion to be preserved in its original form till today.
    the strands have been ilfiltrated by human understanding and misinterpretations. 🙂

    mayya: thankyou for the wiser perspective. 🙂

  12. sid: Another post coming soon that might clear what I am trying to convey…

  13. Religion today has become such a controversial topic that I don’t quite know whether it’s even right to comment on it. But I believe in freedom of speech and expression so here goes..
    Religion is a matter of belief. Every religion around the world preaches the same thing :- peace, love and tolerance for people who are different from you or hold different viewpoints.
    And every community and even an individual perceives God in a different manner. And I don’t think when eventually God is one , there is any competition between religions as to who is the greatest. It’s all a matter of opinion. And in my opinion religion is a personal belief. I believe that one should follow what one believes in and have the sensitivity to let others follow their beliefs and not degrade their ideas and their way of life just because it’s different from theirs.

  14. In the ancient persian manuscript THE OCEAN OF LIGHT, Prophet Mohammed PREDICTED THE ARRIVAL OF KALKI in a village in south India. Prophet Mohammed is a saint, he is not kalki. STOP LYING AND TRYING TO CONVERT PEOPLE.

    • Let your lies encircle you & fall in deep sleep & MAY ALLAH SWT guide you to truth .

  15. Rohit: Had it been my imperative to try to “convert people”, I wouldn’t have cited sources that this email is a hoax. And if you have evidence of what you claim, come out in the open and provide it.

    Instead of being a bully. Nobody’s scared of your high-handedness here. Really.

  16. My brothers and sisters. The Kalki Avatar is here.

  17. i want u to be very good and my ideas is about you

  18. Sai Ram: Be more specific 🙂

    Samina: I am puzzled :S

  19. Exccelent material i like it very much

  20. Nabeel: Mayya & sid :Rohit :

    Both Hinduism and Islam has scared books, holy books. I really dont understand the difference between holy book and scared book as uXuf says vedas are not holy books .. as they were just

    even Quran, Torah, Bible, and Zuboor were not printed and compiled in heaven and sent to earth .. they were compiled by humans like u and me . what is the source of these holy books ??
    nobody knows.

    all these books has good thing and bad things to inpart for US (humans not hindus not muslims )

    for money ppl write these controversial books which has no meaning to it ..

    what difference will it make if Kalki is prophet mohemmad ??
    will it make u rich ??
    will it give u food ?
    will it give u happiness ??

    nothing .. islam is correct in its place and hinduism is at its place ..
    problems and clashes arise when we compare these religions.

    Every body in this world knows about shivling in mecca the black rock of kabba ..

    it does not mean that all muslims are worshipping shivling , hence all muslims are hindus ..

    in same way if the kalki was to be prophet mohammed then all hindus were to be muslims ..

    there are hundreds of books which compare hindu ideas and scared books with islams and vice versa ..

    these were written to make money and they do no good to society .

    there is no end to this argument..

    lets be true human beings .. we all r equal !!! so is allah and ram !!!

  21. All Glories to the Supreme Personality of Godhead, who is the source of manifest and unmanifest worlds…. He is not available except through pure unalloyed love.

    As all of creation is, so are we, the individual souls who contemplate these matters, even as we know that these things are not known in totality to us.

    Simultaniously and inconceivably one with and seperate from….. that is who weALL are in relation to all of creation including Allah….
    who can deny it?

    May we all have the covering of ignorance lifted and see truth through the eyes of love for God.


  22. I can’t believe the facts given by the author. In which purana or authentic scripts that names of mother and father of SriKalki avatar is mentioned. Moreover, sanathana darmam now called hindu religion didn’t accept killings and torturing people. As in all puranas and in vedic scriptures SriMahaVishnu has only pure good qualities(Suddha Poorna Kalyana guna:, SatyaKaama:, SatyaSangalpa:, Satva Guna Rathna: etc. etc..). Moreover SriKalki as the tenth avatar already took by SriMahaVishnu in every Chaturyaga ends. There were many chaturyugas passed and many kalki avatar was taken by the Lord. Linking that with guns and explosives are utter foolishness. The purpose of the kalki avatar is to destroy the bad & immoral people and save, took the good & pure minded people with Him to the heavenly abode. Merely telling and mentioning this is quoted in hindu scriptures, that is quouted in Vedas, that is mentioned in Puranas; are not good and best qualities to book writers and great pundits. with proper reference of the slokas, padas, sastra vyakyanas, commentaries of ancient rishis, pramanika pouranikas; is required to prove the argument. where he found those meanings for the texts and words he quoted?. what is the pada artham for the words?. is there any reference from the verses of quran is mentioned – the verse must be properly and fully quoted?. There were many inclusions and additions in the publications of puranas and various practices and follows for the Shabdhas of Vedas and sanskrit words. similarly for arabic words. where is the pramanam (proof) for those things??.

  23. by this i didn’t say anything against islam and the holy quran. as a human being and a citizen of world, i give full respect to all religion and their true scripts. moreover, i am not against pundits. i’m insisting only the true and complete proof for the thing described.

  24. Its a shame that Islam needs Hindu scriptures for its existence. Hindu religion will never like anything violent as Islam. if Muslims, calims to be Hindus, then I will leave Hinduism. because to me Islam is reverse of civilization. islam is villence. islam is destruction.
    Hindu brings myth and relef to me……Budhist brings serenity for me. christianity brings passion for me. BUT Islam brings fear and violence to me……Anything which brings FEAR and Violence is divine. God will not make the children fearful. So there is something wrong with Islam. All of us, muslims and the non-muslims can pray to God, to bring peace, because Islam made confusuon to frustration to this world

    • Absolutely Right Vijay. I dont know what the Prophet taught but one thing from the study of history is apparent that his followers were/have been mostly the most un-Godly people humanity has ever witnessed. Either the beloved Prophet’s message was wrongly delivered or most of his followers simply did not have the intellect which requires to understand the Prophets message. The most un-godly attributes of his followers are as followes:-
      a) Believing theirs is the only true religion and all others are fake.
      b) Whereever they are in majority not tolerating people of any other religion, forget brotherliness, their existance itself becomes impossible. Examples are everywhere to see, from Kashmir to any place in the globe where muslims are in majority.
      c) Resorting to threats, cunningness, rape, killings and what not to convert people to their religion. History especially Indian history is full of it. Starting from Bin Qasim[Multan,Kurukshetra etc etc] to Tipoo Sultan [Malabar Region, Kerela etc etc]
      d) Always assuming they can get everything by force ie physical force. Completely Unaccomodating.

      What I understand is a religion should teach people to love each other, to accomodate each other, to forget and forgive, to ask for forgivess where one has gone wrong, to love and appreciate Gods creation [ie why in every Hindu Puja you will find God in Human form, a plant and an animal, Gods creation in entirity] and to live in peace.

      I would like the Prophets followers to do some soul-searching and know that you cannot wish away the existance of people of other religion and this entire world is never going to be ‘Dar Ul Islam’. You will need to respect others and love others or I really dont know how you will insure your own continued existance. Remember No Once Can Live Isolated. We were made to be interdependent and thus learn the Good things from each other.

  25. I thought Islam was strong on its book called Koran. In fact It had impressed me also. But now, why suddenly the Muslims need a back up from the Hindu scriptures. Suddenly Muslims are telling, Hindu scriptures wrote about “One God” So Hindus are no more Polytheistic to the Muslims……..

    I dont know, whats happening to the Minds of Muslims. They are creating a mess of this world, for themselves and for others…..
    may be they are feeling bad and loosing confidence knowing that, people hate them. They may be needing support, which they are expecting from Hinduism by fake means. For they know, conversion to Islam is no more easy from NORMAL people. I feel sad for the Muslims…….to be hated by everybody else in this world…..It will be a shameful life not a proud life. I hope some good, intellectuals from Muslims will come out and help the Muslims and Islam by modifying it. otherwise, I dont think Islam will survive. After all it didnot spread by missionaries, but by the sword and Jihad.

    Its the duty of any good Muslim, to save Islam…They should be bold to come out and take control of the religion from the Mullas.
    I am getting more and more disgusted …………

    • Islams are nothing but a blend of warrior violent group, few groups from Arab, few groups of warrior group.

  26. So what if it is in the hindu book?There were 124,000(more or less) prophets sent to the Earth.Only 25 mentioned in Quran.Does that mean all other are false?There is ayat in Quran saying:
    Allah sent to ever nation a prophet.Hinduism dates to 5000 BC
    .Making it 7000 yrs old.The aryans(original founders of the hindu books) belived in One Supreme creator and ate beef.
    So what does thi stell you?
    The backup thing:yeah i agree why do i need someone else to say my religion is good or this.Why do we muslims have to refer some quotations from a christian /white or non-muslim in order to present our religion.Our behaviour should tell everybody about our religion,so come and behave properly in the way of Islam.

  27. This really is a pointless argument. To the Muslims here, i dont think u know enough about the Hindu scriptures to make comments as to their divinity. Does it say anywhere, EXACTLY how many prophets there were, where they preached, who wrote down their sayings, how many were transcribed etc? Wether or not they are divine is also irrelevant. Does a book have to be divine to be true? is an Encyclopedia divine? are science books divine? are history books?

    To the Hindus, its not about authenticating our religion through yours, its about looking for common ground, which after all, cant be so bad. We know who we are, maybe we are trying to find out wether you also know who we are. dont worry, we are not trying to convert you.

    Think about these. Is it impossible for people to have known the future? cant Jinns have a hand to play in that? does it have to be a holy book to contain references about the future? Is the bible still a holy book? but it once was, wasnt it?

  28. Me personally I could believe it.

    The arab peninsula is called (or was at least) “Jazeera il Arab” which literaly means Island of the arabs.

    As for arguements against it, well then I would say that in the long years hinduism has existed it could have been distorted by corrupt religious leaders, after all every religion has them (unfortunately even Islam, anyone look at saudia arabia lately? ).

    As for holy books, well…. all holy books were mentioned in qura’an and prophetic hadeeth. No need to discuss that. However considering that, it could be possible that a book for hinduism was compiled by priests or clerics much later in time.

    However, we should also be careful of this. Because there are so many things that are floating across the internet (such as a doctored photo of a cloud that resembles hands in Islamic supplication). And this could be yet another trap for others to mock islam.

    I would also like to add is that, we KNOW of 25 messengers, for it is also mentioned that we exist (or existed) in several nations and that we knew (know) not of each other’s existence. I say that because it could be because of the great distances between peoples in ancient times, however it could also have a greater meaning.

    Another thing I would like to point out. People who are interested in east asian jungles is bound to know of ruins such as angkor wat, (or the latin american mayans). Who built great temples and cities but practically dissapeared, leaving their megapolises to ruin. Could they be people that were punished by God?

    I have been searching for resources and any scriptures (pagan or not) that gives divinity to one god. The reason is, I believe we all worship the one same God. However as time passed people may have strayed one way or the other in their worship.

    I started this when I realized the ideology is somewhat the same between japanesse samurais and istish-hadees (mujahideen), who would fight till death for their beliefs. After all, the descendants of Abraham scoured the earth teaching that God is one. Which is why I think its true. Yet, like I mentioned we must be very careful of it. And would rather wait for deeper research and such before making any assumptions. We can’t use Islam like this, especially if we take into account the feelings of hindus who would hear of this news.

  29. Islam is as distorted as any faith or religion can get…
    They call non-islams karif and ask its followers to track them and kill to atain rewards on Qyaamat thru allah…

    this is what is islam…balochistan..chechniya..iraq n afgan is what islam can produce out of its womb

  30. My friend VJ, it is your view of the world that is distorted. It’s plainly visible that you could not even comment of world issues, so no one would give another shot to your thoughts on religions 🙂

    Try to follow a basic strand of thought in your comments, and always remember to substantiate your claims.

  31. Hello

    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


  32. we stole the shivling form the hindus and put it in mecca we desecreated there temples and raped there women they should join us in islam and fight

  33. Hindu is a name given to the civilizations of the Sindhu river
    Santana Dharma is the religion they used to follow. Sanatana means primeval, encompasses everything from the beginning to the end, so its history is the beliefs of all religions and the goodness in all of them. It abuses no religion as it would be abusing yourself. So you may be an follower of Muhammad or Christ or Buddha or any preacher, you are a Sanatani. All scriptures say it is important to pray. The Hindu scriptures say it important to pray, not how you pray. It then says it not the most important thing to pray, as your karma is the deciding factor of salvation.
    So be good to all living creatures irrespective of how they pray.

  34. If you know anything about the Vedas then you know that they “used to” worship ONE creator. It is only in recent times that Hindus have become separated from their own teachings and fallen into polytheism and paganism.

    It isn’t about what is or isn’t a “true” religion. There is only one Creator and that Creator can only have ONE plan, one philosophy, one concept, one of anything you care to attribute to “religion”.

    I have NO DOUBT that the Vedas were inspired teaching and it matters NOT who wrote them or anything else. What matters is that Hindus do not continue to “try” to follow a lost that has become separated from its source and corrupted.

    They should follow Islam. Now.

    Salaam wa alaikum

  35. wat a load of rubbish, how can u compare or even find a link between a great proven faith like hinduism and a greedy, warmongering, sadistic, population breeding, crime and corruption ridden faith like islam. islam simply is an excuse to twist and brain wash weak minded people into believeing that they may use the name of god to kill, interbreed, invade, abuse etc

  36. Islam does not need ANY scriptures particularly t
    the HINDU scriptures for existance.What this does
    prove that Hindus should find out the truth.
    and the truth is definately not in thier
    scriptures. all religion in essence may be
    trying to say the same thing BUT ISLAM is
    perfection my non believing brothers and sisters
    . the KORAN challenges all YOU non believers
    and your scriptures to prove it wrong.No one
    man will EVER influence the world like our PROPHET
    MOHAMMED (peace be upon him).nearly 2 billion
    followers may be more to prove it and increasing
    EVERYDAY my non believing brothers and sisters.
    A FACT that sticks out like a sore headache my
    friends. no man will EVER come close no matter
    what he or she will achieve in this world. just
    an AMAZING FACT.Muslims are muslims because we
    do not doubt ISLAM not one bit we have no
    reason too. Don’t take my word on it. PICK UP A

  37. History agrees that the Vedas are the oldest written documents in the world. Also, everyone agrees that hinduism is the oldest religion. So, the hindu scriptures should be respected and is the mother religion of all other religions. Make a search, and write your thesis on this you may get the Noble prize for the coming year.

  38. Many of the Hindu scriptures on the market today are filled with distortions based on the writings of so called European Sanskrit scholars who left an abundance of distortions of our scriptures for others, and upon which much reach and new writings continue, the result being that India continues to produce many scholars who are atheist or who prefer Christianity instead.

    Our original Hindu teachings from eternal divine personalities from the celestial realms were widely distorted by these scholars whose writings show distinct parallels with each other and which seeems to conform to a set, unified plan.

    Many of us read our scriptures as myths, symbolism, allegories, etc., and the writings of ordinary men since we try to understand our scriptures from a worldly perspective, and not from the perspective of the divine.

    When we realize that our scriptures are the divine expressions of the Supreme himself, passed on to our eternal deities of celestial realms, and recorded later also by eternal divine personalities who return to Bharatvarsh as ordinary human beings to help us understand our ancient scriptures that never die but are revealed again and again in the same manner in different after each pralaya.

    Our scriptures were originally written on wooden slabs and the writings were replaced as needed due to wear and tear. It was easy for European Sanskrit scholars whose goals were to destroy the Hindu religion and culture, and replace them with Christianity and European culture. No doubt about it.

    The Europeans inserted Sanskrit words that changed entire original concepts, eating habits, philosophies, etc., with the goal of confusing Hindus and turn them away from their Divine religion.

    The distortions are wide spread, but can be easily oobserved by a well thinking person, since they conflict with other teachings in the same revised editions of our scriptures where in one context the same thing is absolutely prohibited and in another context it is highly recommended.

    For a better understanding of Hinduism, please read “The True History And Religion Of India” by Swami Prakashanand Saraswati ISBN 0230-63065-0. www,

  39. dont u think these points matches jesus- cristianity and budda – buddism..??

  40. Am a Muslim, but I still believe in the Hindu Religion. In my perception, all religions are related to each other. WE are fighting over nothing. Islam, and all the other religions are correlated. They have simply been distributed. All the religions exist. WE should keep in my mind, that there is only one god, which is the main lesson of the Koran. We should let others believe what they want to believe, as long as we have faith in our religion. I say that no specific religion is the greatest, every religion is the greatest and that we should learn to respect every religion. I also disagree that Hindus should convert. Hindu’s should not convert just because we want them to. They respect their religion and we should respect their views.

  41. Some of te comments below were terrible. THey say that rape the other religions women and fight. THe so called person who calls himself ISLAM SOILDER is not Muslim. Due to these people’s bad thinking, our religion is made fun of. Our religion is great, but these people who think that they should spread Islam through violence are nonscence.Islam is not meant to be spread by violence. WE should let others beleive in what they want to beleive. Some of the messages below are inappropiate. THey are disgusting. Learn a lesson. How would you feel if Islam was the minority. Today, I lslam is the majority, but what someone did that to your mother, sister just to get them converted.

  42. ah after too many fight it results zero because
    every person thinks he is right for what if hudus or muslims win to prove they are true thell get nothing i satisfy they will not become rich or have food and cloth or win paradise . we bilive kafir will be punished on the day of judgement so god himself will punish them there is requirement to fight on this did god any where in any religion said that prove yourselves greater than other no .

  43. Hi everybody,

    Read each and every comment. Born a Hindu, as people nowadays refer to the follower of a once great religion of the world. But I think its prime time is over long ago and that this religion has lived beyond its useful age. Islam on other hand, is on logggerheads with every other faith around, basically a misfit. These are purely my personal views being expressed here, so nobody should take offense please.

    All so called hindus please tell me this, how many of your co-religionts know what the real name of their faith was? How many of them know that Vedic Religion preached One God, not 32 crore ones, and least of all paganism to which an average hindu is reduced to? That beef eating was a practice, though in rituals rather than an exception? When a majority does not know what and how & whom to pray, how come that religion is still relevant?

    To muslims, all I want to ask is that why muslims do not try to win the hearts of others by means of exemplary actions & deeds and why Islam has to resort to violence to make its presence felt? Is it not true that people do many ugly things in the name of Islam and get away with it all and nobody from muslim world really admonish them?

    And to all around, irrespective of their faiths, I have another question. How old is our planet Earth? Millions! Definitely much older than the time homo sapiens have been around. Right? So, religions were invented by men, or rather I should say to be more politically correct, propagated by human beings only. So, why only two or three or four schools of thought can be there, just Islam, Buddism, Christianity and Hinduism.

    When all religions are man made, why not lean towards Sikhism? This is youngest religion, the holy gurus have taught all good things common to all other major religions as well, Sikhs are a smart people and assimilate well everywhere they go and do well and show their presence & resilience in all spheres of life be it business, medicine …anything? The Sikhs do not have any unnecessary and unrealistic tenets to follow. Its a religion marked with practicality and sends a message of humility & sacrifice & hard work.

    Hinduism, if I may refer to it as such, must have been once a great religion and same is true for today’s Islam. Both are distorted, to some degree or other.

    Why is it so that Guru Nanak’s (First of the eleven Gurus) saying,’ Naa koi Hindu, Naa Mussalmaan’ is not apt? Why we just cannot be good to each other and follow a path of live and let live and show that who ever we are, we are human first? Personally, I will prefer to be a Sikh anyday, and am rearing my son as one. This is going to be the next greatest religion of the world and the future social order. Raaj karega khaalsa, baak rahe naa koy…..

  44. I know its pretty late to comment, but I just saw this post. The contents of the post is not something new. Its also mentioned in the vedas that Kalki would come from the land of camels and that he would be brought up as an orphan. However there are some discrepancies too.But I feel that we can safely conclude that Kalki might refer to Muhammed.

    If God was man’s invention, then it must’ve been a pretty simple one indeed since every civilization in known existence, every remote tribe contacted and uncontacted seem to have a God in one way or another. The Quran says “Surely We have sent you with truth as a bearer of good news and as a warner, and there was no nation without a warner having passed among them”. Scholars have debated since long that the concept of avatar is a distorted version of prophethood.

  45. Hey guys.

    Whoa! Take it easy.
    Don’t have to fight over religion.
    Just relax and have a cup of coffee,
    and watch TV.
    Life is meant to be a big party.
    By the way, I am a Muslim. Ta!

  46. The Bible also speaks of a one to come on a white horse. That isn’t Kalki either, that is Jesus coming back. Even the Suni prophets speak of him.
    There will come the Dajal who will make trouble for Islam and the Great Imam. Those prophets describe as the Dajal is the Antichrist. They say Jesus will subdue the Dajal.

    In the Srimad Bhagwatam there is information on Kalki who is to come at the end of the Kali Yuga. That isn’t for about 400,000 years. It describes Kalki names his parents and village and tells of his deeds. He purges the entire Earth of the devilish.
    Mohammad is Mohammad
    Jesus is Jesus
    Kalki is Kalki
    All sent by God,

  47. God is one. There can only be one creator. We call him vishnu. We might believe in silly things but ultimately we pray to the god u call Allah. If you are rude to other religions it means u are rude to the believers of Allah though our scriptures might be updated. To be honest I respect all religions and specially Islam because it preaches peace and tolerance. But by your comments in the article tolerance is out of your dictionary. Be careful my boy. Fear Allah the almighty. Do as he ordered you to and not what you want to do.

    Allah is the greatest. Vishnu is the greatest. We all believe in the who is the creator of everything.

  48. Very interesting post…
    Can I get to know more details on where did u find this article who the author is and is there a book available that I can read and understand this a little more…

    I think such articles are necessary… this challenges people to understand the religion better and atleast now stop fighting amog hindus and muslims.

    We all know there are bad elements in both religions and we should together help eachother fight terrorism and not debate which religion is better or which not.

    Lord krishna in Geeta says … I will take birth in every yuga when there is troubles on earth… he certainly has taken birth as prophet… why not…

    Did he say he will come back as a hindu only… No he did not … he said he will come to save people…

    A very good post… !!!
    keep it up..!!!

  49. I would like to post a long rant here, but i’ll try to keep my words to myself. Here are my views:

    1. The author of this blog has posted the links where the “Mohammed in Hinduism” hoax is proved to be wrong. Good…so why doesn’t he simply copy/paste the content right here? Sorry, I don’t get the point.

    2. To put it bluntly, some of the comments here are in very bad taste. One comment actually claims that Hinduism has seen its days and is ending????3

    3. Finally, if all religions are man made creations, What the F@#$ are we arguing about? Hey, if my view of god is imperfect, so is yours!

  50. Folks! It is not a religion, faith, ideology, mythology or a thought that is ever good or bad but the people who follow or describe it.

    BTW: Abusing anyone or any faith is a psychological problem and my friends need visiting their psychiatrist!

  51. Guys,

    Much water has flown under the bridge since I wrote this post, and I regret that I ever wrote it. I have got much flames both from Hindus and Muslims over it. The few comments that are actually here would be in fact 1/3rd of the total number of comments that I have received over the years. I don’t bother reading profanity laden comments, I simply delete them. This goes for you vampirexxx, you might have spent a good half an hour writing that long comment, but it took me only a few seconds to delete it, and no one would read it anymore. Learn to respect other people’s spaces. This place didn’t belong to you, and you can only think about what impression you had left on the few readers who actually came across your sick comment.

    Mohandas: I am not sure if there is a book where you can find more about it, but I have seen some links floating around about it. Needless to say, I haven’t taken it up lately.

    what religion: The only reason why I pasted the whole stuff here was that I used to get it in email. If I’d have read it on some website, I would have only provided the link and not pasted the whole thing.

    The thing to understand is that its not only religion that shapes a person’s mind, there are many other factors as well. I personally have come a long way since I wrote this post and feel that there must be some element of truth in it, as Rama so succinctly puts it.

  52. I’ll keep it brief, but here’s the truth about what Hindu puranas predicted correctly about mohammad.. and it is how event unfolded.

    Mohammad was the son of a peaceful and honourable Hindu king. Having grown with the riches and power of the royal family Mohammad became more and more spoilt as he grew up – as hindu’s would be aware, he became worse than was dhuryodhan in the Mahabharat Classic.

    As the King grew old and Mohammed greedy, his eyes were firmly set of taking over the kingdom. However he was tired of waiting. In his impatience he planned to assisinate his father, however the King, while growing old was followed by masses of faithfuls. Mohammed was caught in his scheming and bannished out of Kingdom. Before leaving he swore to his father that he would come back with a destructive force beyond immagination. He swore that he would create a savage and destructive dharma (religion/cultural system) of his own and would one day come back to take over the King’s kingdom – that which he thought was rightfully his. So he began his attempts.

    Over the following period he attempted many to times to spread savagery and terror through acts of violence, destruction and terror, however these acts failed and with the royal army hunting for his head he ran through the forrests for days before finding a well to hide in. THis is the well as known my all Muslims where Mohammed hid for 30 days and 30 nights without food and drink.

    What happened after that is well known history to all… and beginnings of the muslim religion. He finally came out of hiding and this time he was successful in spreading a most tyranising religion. By seducing all the weakness of man.. offering them women, giving them power and multiplying their greed, he seduced men to join his “religion”. People’s are easy to seduce when one sides with their desires. This is what mohammed did. And so as he had told his father he gave birth to a most plague like religion and the plague spreads today still.

  53. Thanks for the ‘truth’. Did you forget to turn off your television?

  54. Prophet Mohammad Sahab can be accepted as “Kalki Avtaar” same as hundus have accepted “Buddha” as 10 th Avtaar.

    But it is not mandatory for Hindus to get converted or accept islam,,,,!! Hindus in their own identity, may accept Mohammad Sahab as Kalki Avtaar and follow his way…….

  55. Is it true that this so called great Prphet Mohammed was a paedophile and that he died of some venereal disease?

    • u must read about great prophet mohammad pbuh.

  56. According to my opinion, Prophet Mohammed was the last messenger of Allah and he was surely not the kalki avatar because, i think that kalki avatar is not yet appeared or born, but as per the hindu scriptures he is going to born at the end of ‘kaliyug’. In my opinion the kalki avatar in hindu scriptures refer to Imam Mehdi (a.s.) mentioned in the Quran………and their is no reason of fighting over this issue…..and for our friends who think that Islam is spreading fear and terror in the world i want to say that some corrupt people are doing such things and Islam does not teaches terrorism but according to Quran, it teaches to have respect for all religions and not to harm any being and their beliefs…..thus Islam is the religion of peace…..not terror…

  57. I think this is a totally pointless topic. It is trying to find an answer for a question which never existed. So what if Prophet Mohammad and Kalki are the same?? How does it affect our daily life?? I urge everyone to stop wasting their time on such silly topics and do something useful.

  58. Firstly, my parents are hindus and i do not 100% follow it, but I am very interested in Islam and have carried out extensive research on Islam

    For all those people insulting Islam saying it is a violent religion that creates hatred around the world….read up on your facts. first…Islam means Peace….it is Haram to even kill a fly, for which you will be punished. Jihad does not mean holy war which the media portrays it as. it means a struggle for life, whether that is waking up in the morning and getting to work or passing your exams.
    Secondly, no one is perfect, not Hindus or Muslims. have you thought that it is very easy to use propoganda to influence people into carrying out acts e.g. terrorism. Which let me add is what i believe is happening. Take the Nazi’s for example, they ACTUALLY believed that what they were doing to the Jews was right. why did they believe this? because of propaganda. I could carry on but I will leave it for another day.

    The second thing that I am interested to know is where exactly does it say in Hindu scriptures about the Prophet Muhammed (saw) will come. If anyone knows exactly which book and chapter/verse, that would be great if you can let me know! It will be interesting to read.

    The last thing i want to say is….in my opinion. there is ONE God…call him Allah/Bhagwan/God…whatever…their message is the same….Look at the 10 commandments in the Torah, Bible and Qur’an and compare it to the 18 (I think) that are in Hindu scriptures….you will be amazed at the similarities…..why is it not possible that by the greed humans have for power and money that different religions came about by this greed for power. Im going to leave this on a final saying by Karl Marx, “religion was created by man, to control man” yet im not dismissing any religious books that have prophecies that have come true.

    • A very good analysis however the question is that kalki avatar is not the only thing written in the hindu teachings . Several other things written are contradictory to the teachings of muhamad. Then y would a religion be awaiting someone as a teacher who would ultimately tel them what they are fllowing is wrong why weren’t the teachings revealed to them just like it was revealed to thejews n christians via prophets.

  59. Hi All…

    This is what Ancheint History Says…

    In the begnning there were few civilizations..

    which is around 4000 BC..

    Lord Shiva and Vishnu were worshipped at that time….

    Then came medieval period .. around 1400 BC..
    Prophet md came…

    So any idea whether prophet momamment was hindu or jewish……

    Also citing the If we all belive that Kalki prophet is Md.
    Then everybody has to admit that whatever is writtent in vedas and purans is correct…

    But whats the proof that whatever is written in Quran is correct….

    At least What our scripture said it came out to be true as per you all…..

    Has anything came out to be true in your scripture

  60. Hi,

    I’m and Hindu and lots of Muslim Friends….
    I use to love Islam till I went to Zakir Naik seminar…

    He was asked question by one of my collegue….

    “I’m non-muslim and I don’t follow , will I get a place in Heaven”

    “Answer —-

    Suppose there a principle in a school and you study in a differnet school and you are a very good student … Will this principle allow you to sit in his school examination and pass you…

    No… So how can you expect Allah to pass you when you are not in his schoool …..

    Adding this he said…”All those who follow Allah will go to heaven… and those who does not follow its their fault…..

    After this incidence I started hating Islam…….
    God does not see which religion you are …
    He just see how good you are….


    • dear friend i just want to say that it is religion who makes u good.reliogion means ur believes about God n ur life.plz research in ur own books who say the god is only 1.

    • Vishnu, following a religion will not take u to heaven but worshiping the True god will . U can’t cal mr xyz your dad when u have been told that ya dad is mr abc. Thats what is happening . Heaven is god ‘s abode. Acknowledge him as ya creator n u well have a place in heavven

  61. There have always been arguments between hindus and msulims around the world, but as far as I know, the arabs came to India to conquer it, so they forced the Indians to become muslims by torturing them, and that is the way some Indians had to convert to Islam, Like they used to slaughter the cows and threw in the hindu temples, creating fights between Hindus and Muslims, so ask the question? if Islam is the last updated religion, so which religion they were following before?
    Do u guys mean if Mohammed is the last prophet so it means that god changed? the name changed? so why is it to convert to Islam? what happens w/hen convert to islam, is it to fear death?, to preserve women? hindus have the same concepts, so each religions reveals the same thing. So guys If u think that Islam is the only truth religion? why are the Muslims always fighting? why are people around the world scared when they hear about the muslims? it has proved the the muslims are the one that use their religion to follow terror around the world and as before still torturing and scaring people to convert to Islam, Si guys itis time now to start searching what were your ancestors before Islam was being introduced as a new religion or Allah as a new god!

  62. In Quran it says that till the end of this world only muslims will survive and if you go through the data it says that at the end of 2050 muslims population will leave behind christians population around the world it will be arnd 30% and christians will be 25% and hindus will be much much lesser.. Even I dont hate hindus, i do respect them., but mam if you are comparing islam with terrorism then i want to tell you that islam dont teach us to kill peoples and cause terror. And which ever muslim do so then dont we too are against them, because islam dosent; teaches this and a terrorist has no religion. Now what you want to say about Sadhvi Pragya, just because of her whole hindus are to be blamed..No dont think like this….
    Achcha tell me one thing Who is bigger A CREATOR or CREATIONS…We Muslim believe that Allah is the only supreme creator and other things are his creations which hindus and many other religions dont believe..They think they are God, even Sun,Moon, Tree, Person…Think how can be a person a God, do he have any powers of allah the supreme god, in wealth, power,…No it cant be possible..the way your religion is shown to you, you are taking it lyk dat…..try to find a truth yourself, Question yourself..and you will get the answer…..and if you still dont believe then it will be your fault….and only you have to pay for it…and lets challenge each other you and me….i say allah is the only god and he is only to be worshipped…and you say there are many gods and they are to be worshipped….what a logic…..? chalo…lets meet in a life after death…in a heaven or a hell……and i can assure you that i will win…thanx.

  63. 1. great way to increase hits on your site.
    2. not all Muslims are terrorists, unfortunately all terrorists are Muslims.
    3. you author should know how to mind your business. probably your allah or somethng should
    teach you how to do it.
    4. dont discourage beliefs

  64. though there is no point in debating over religious superiority because i think every religion is great and they all teaches us to be good, kind and truthful and as far as kalik avtaar is concerned as a vedic scholar i can tell u there is no such thing mention in any of vedas, puranas, and upnishads. and as if now the whole world has acknowledge that indian vedic aryan civilization and their language sanskrit is the oldest civillization and sanskrit as mother of all indo-european language which comes after the archeological findings at bay of khambat i.e delta of dried saraswati river mention in vedas and mahabharat and on the cost of tamilnadu of underwater sunken city radio carbon dating by international research monitored by independent observers dated back to 11500 BC as it is mention in mahabharat as dwarika which is which is submerged into the sea after the the end of iceage. so now it is clear that indian history is approx 13500 yo and it may be more india is land of vedas – land of aryans later who ruled the world – land of sanskrit – land of yoga – land of knowledge – and birth place of all the civilizations of the world – birth place of all the languages of the world and so the birth place of all philosophies and ideology which later converted into various religions and we can find it in all the religious text of the world they were almost same highly inspired and influenced by vedas so everybody comeout of pathetic religious rivalry and be good….

  65. This is what exactly you people are looking for:

    Whether you like it or not, it’s the truth and given exactly in the scripture. Even I was in awe when I read it.

    And read this from you: “Islam is the greatest religion” By saying this you make it a smaller religion. A religion is great in it’s simplicity and it is only political ideologies or brands that need to proclaim themselves “greatest” or like that. Think on this.

  66. Also, guys, most of you seem pretty open minded and open to doubt. If you want to believe in something, it is better if you have a rational approach towards it.

    Have you considered looking towards Islam from a logical point of view?

    Take this website, an ex-Muslims website, which has a very critical analysis of teachings of Islam and why terrorism is being caused by Muslims from centuries. It is a website by the Muslims, made for the Muslims. please look through both the links. The above one of bhavishya Purana and this one.

  67. hi folks this not going good, in the sense we r all not masters in theology,rationalisam,and mostly humanity,we need proof not the filthy [as they all called sacred] scripts.
    so be patient abt what you exhaust ,thats not a matter to discuss whether islam or hindhuisam or christianity or buddisam is in top [the most reconed faiths]existing now.
    what the hell is waiting beyond your foolishness is the raw truth,of course and very few intelligent people is going to break the code and they drive the others who have a little bit calm as they all said to love others,we r one there is certainly one father then what abt so many religions ,we also know there are somthing existing now but hidden. only time [it is also uncertain]will claim it . every ways leads to rome ,ha ha . several incidents only the place was changed and the names ex,”christ”and ”chrishna” same vison ,same bullish events,can you read the3holy books[hindu,christian and islam]subsequently its all yours,all you have to do put some logic and do reserch on what yu found.u ll get the missing patch,that obviously irritate you if you r a not let your faith to crush your brain,keep the faith keep finding truth.

  68. Fact:
    islam = terrorism
    musalman (Muslim) = terrorist
    every muslim may not be terrorist but every terrorist is muslim for sure.

    Refferences Fitna.

    I can follow any releigion but islam. Better dead than being a muslim

  69. so mr not muslim this a curse by allah over u and u will have to face it we muslims believe that anything which is man made can never be a god because god created us we havent did so and we never worship prophets as a god like christian and best words 4 u and disgusting damsel varsha is that to points out finger at someone is easy but to believe on it is hard as a case one man was drowning in river then a boat came to save him he said my god will save me then another boat came to him and he said the same words and afterwards he died and he said to god i have faith on u and u let me die or pass away like this then the lord replied to him that i have sent u two boat so is that ur fault or mine same is the ur case lol well as a muslim=terrorist i will say that i dont wanna see u in hell so pray for god to give u wisdom and remember in quran as said man and stones will be fuel so stones r idols.if u wanna prove islam wrong then accept its challenge and produce a surah or chapter like it with the help of anyone which is latent in univere or all the the creatures then use u show ur hatred towards islam so meanwhile dont persecute ur own soul same thing for u ridiculous babe varsha

  70. flippin’ hell…arseholes trying to show which religion is superior to the other. go fuck yourselves everyone, especially the author of this website.
    cezzane you are a terrorist in the making if not yet already one.

  71. Krishna is the Lord of all Lord…he is the one who is referred as OM in the Vedas…his first avtar in kalyuga has been Gautam Buddha supported by concrete evidences..his final avtar in kalyuga will be Lord Kalki…he said that there will be many religion trying to mislead you giving you false hopes…only your consciousness will guide towards the TRUE religion…for example if a religion tells you that animal killing is good then you must realise its a sin as you are hurting a living being,giving pain to it..this truly indicates that the religion is false…if animal was for eating, god would not have put life in it..Only hindu religion prohibits animal eating but many followers do not respect it…….

  72. Hey you are absolutely right…by the way the quran predictions about the world have been copied from the Vedas…n for your kind information when gabriel was dictating the word of allah to prophet mohammed,zn satan came and made gabriel say the contrary of god’s instead of writing god’s verses,satanic verses were witten allowing animal torture n eating

  73. i bought a book which discuss similar matter…the book discuss about muhammad PBUH in anciet scriptures such as buddhism, hindusm, bible , zoroastrianism and other ancient scriptures…what i want to point out here that the author which is one of the muslim scholar researching into this matter highlighted that hinduism buddhism zoroastrianism are just like christianity where a prophet sent down to guide them but through time they gone astray AGAIN…the book also revealed that in those scriptures stated that worshipped ONE GOD…
    the author of the book is ABDUL AHAD DAWUD..easy to understand…and you began to understand the origin of hinduism zoroastrianism buddism christianity and so on.. he included many proof that prophet sent down to each one of them but as time past they went astray again…just like christianity…..

  74. I have one more face of the coin, please hit the link below



  75. One more

  76. Humm, Interesting. Why only 9 points? I also read on another website that Vedas predicted an idiot gives birth to a religion. Hinduism respects women where as the other religion treats them like animals. Matching the names from two languages does not prove anything. I am curious to know where is it mentioned that Kalki is going to ride a horse and use bow and arrows? Happy dreams for someone. Looks like Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay is on somebody’s payroll.

  77. Bullshit You can never say to a true Hindu to change his / her believe’s, thoughts and teachings

  78. If there is No islam. world will be more peace full

  79. According to Vedas , Kalki will bring eternal peace to the world. Also he is supposed to be born in Uttar Pradesh. If Prophet is Kalki, then I would suggest that his work was totally undone.

    Things are much worse than ever,see 9/11. So lets not to wait for any Avatar to provide peace to world.A common man who can give peace to this world,will also treated as Avatar.Lord Rama,Lord Krishna are simply certain common man who does very uncommon work for people. Thats why they treated as God.

    There is only one God,with several faces.And the main job of God is to bring balance in this world.

  80. The author of such book should be killed, this is the biggest load of rubbish i have ever heard and a person who quotes such information is clearly a follower of islam to even come out with such rubbish, i am utterly disgraced and this is an insult to hinduism

  81. A very renowned Islamic Pundit, Dr. Zakir Naik of Peace TV.
    announced to convert to hinduism.

  82. Hey, I don’t know why people are so much in love with their religion regardless of the fact that they know nothing at all. I m a Hindu (by birth) and i never used to like my religion because I see so much hypocracy in it (not the religion but the people).

    However i was fond of other religion as the followers are pretty loyal to the faith.

    But then i started going deep as in studying religions and everything, including people who have started missions like Nirankari Mission etc.

    And now I find everyone as a hypocrite. I see Sikh being good to only Sikh, a Muslim to only Muslim so on so forth, And i see this contempt people have for other religion.

    However every religion states that there is only one God, the Creator. Nobody is clear with that concept. If there is one god why would he give rise to different religions. (however I feel man came up with the concept and the names of religion)

    It ‘s simple , I have one father, and he is good to both my brother and me. would he ever discriminate between us.

    Do you think that if there is a god who has the supreme knowledge and power would discriminate between a Hindu and a Muslim.

    Think about this.

    And after reading some religious texts I have realized that it makes sense as it mentions not to worship God but the people who dwell in themselves the soul (potential god).

    Religion can be Changed.

    Biggest Religion is Humanity. (upholding dharma, being pure hearted and work for the benefit of the society).

    So, I hope the oneness gets you and you are able to think broader. I don’t really care whether he( Pundit Vedaprakash Upadhyay) is right or wrong. But what is important is that we really need to know who we are.

    We are human beings above everything.

    • Well said Karan. I agree with you.

  83. These are good comparisions. But the face is Whatever the avatars took place were in India and he was a hindu. More over he was supporter of veda and other hindu philosofy. We can not agree Mohemmed as the Kalki avatar just because both hold swords. His parents names should be same as given in our scriptures. Do not struggle to get their meanings in Arabic.
    Kalki is said to be the 10th incarnation of Vishnu.
    Then is Mohemmed is the messenger of Vishnu?
    Can you beleave the last 9 avatars of Vishnu?

    Moreover you dont beleave in the idea of incarnation.

    Mohemmed was Messenger where as Kalki is God.
    There is lot difference between a messenger and God.

  84. mayya,sid,uxuf,

    Just think once. Islam means peace, the people who follow it are known as musalman. Try to understand.
    Peace through Musal. That is all about a Musalman. Puranas not only have predicted Mohammad & islam they also predicted about the nature of the people who follow islam. No doubt Mohmammed in his previsous birth (Tripurasur) was a devotee of shiva. He was born to Gritasmad. (Grit means Ghee). The wrong interpretation of some bad muslims in killing cow is also becaus of the above reason. That if there is no cow there is no yagna. Where Mohammad has a blessing of Ganesha he has a curse from Saraswathi. This religion will surely come to end. See the Nataraja’s idol. How he is crushed under his feet. You should now realise that it is the reason why the entertainment part called lalitha kalas are treated as Sin. But one thing I will emphsise. It is also told in purana that a positive approach of Islam will surely lead to salvation. Interpret the real islam in this way : Peace through Musal. Keep a guard with Musal on the Kama, krodha,lobha, mada ,matsarya and get peace. Then you will reach the salvation. It does not matter if muslims are praying Shiva. Ultimately he is the father of every jeeva koti. He is called by infinite names. Let Allah be one and indeed Allah is also one of his name. If a child calls his father by any name ., father knows to respond to his child. Let it be Yellaiah ,shivaiah or Allaiah. For a father always child and his good being is dear. He wants all his children to be in good path for that he has every right to scould or beat with musal or preach in lovable way. They all are his techniques. Everybody in this universe are related to each other with the string of the God. We all are one.

    I firmly believe that No Religion Will Teach Wrong and Show a Wrong Way. If it is showing it will perish. The existance means there are still some good people who are following it in right way. For such people only sun & moon shines. For such people the nature bears fruits. We are all taking benifit of those mahatmas who are born in every reiligion and are reaching the almighty father.

  85. This is absolute BS, this is a poor attempt to try and convert hindus into Muslims. Hindus will stay hindu. It is simply atrocious to claim that Vishnu’s avatar will arrive as a muslim who destroyed hindu temples. Converting hindu’s to muslims will make them low class citizens in the muslim world, slaves to the Islamic world. If prophet mohammed is Kalki, maybe muslims should convert to hinduism. The vedas were written long before the quran. I would rather be free as a hindu instead of oppressed by violent religion called Islam.


  87. Dear All (Hindu, Sikh, Jain, Muslim, Christ Etc…)
    I think it would be more apt to say Humans……..

    Why are you all after changing someone or into making some one believe about the existence of god
    Dear fellow beings do everything , what your holy books say….God is in you and in me.. Just love him..dedicate him your time…he will do the same to you….TIME IS TOO SHORT…use it for the best purpose.. above all faith is important……What about Saibaba lighting Lamps in masjid ??? How about delhi Muslim nawab became a devotee of Lord BALAJI… Read BIBI NANCHARI history…dear brothers….i donot want to say much as everyone is matured enough…… Eeshwar Allah tero naam sabko sanmati de Bhagwan.

  88. if u do think that we hindus are pagans then y bother to even write such a thing on your blog. Sanathan Dharma is the worlds oldest religion which describes the whole universe not just earth that we live on.

  89. I guess everyone is missing the important question – Are we humans first or Hindu, Muslim, Christian etc first.

    We are in 21st century – We should stop fighting and criticizing based on religion.

    Even for religious ones – If all religions stress the importance of one god and you believe in one god just pray which ever way works for you. Why compete

  90. My Dear Sir,

    If you are very proud of your religion then practice it properly and make your life successful .

    Kindly abstain from making OR deriving un necessary meaning out of scriptures to just to prove a point and mislead people …this would be a great sin.

    After going through your argument , can cnclude that you have examined the points but with a imperfect knowledge of scriptures. I am presenting the below points .

    1. Kalki is avatar OR expansion of supreme personality of God Head Sri Krishna , above whom no body is there [ B.G ; Aham Sarvasya Prabbhavo Mattaha Sarvam Pravartate ; I am the Supreme and am the causes of all causes] and is going to appear at THE END OF KALIYUGA.

    2. The total life of Kaliyuga is 5,47,000 years as mentioned in Srimad Bhagavtam. My freind, we have just finished only only 5000 Years of this 5,47,000 years , since Kaliyuga has started only 5000years ago after the Mahabharath battle.

    3. It is stated that as the kaliyuga progreses the days will become hard & hard and there will be no rain , no food grains left & people will start killing their own infants for food. As the demons in kaliyuga will make the life miserable of the innocent godly people and at the end of this age the Kalki will appear and destroy the demons and establish again DHRAMA i.e, religious principals
    [Krishna has promised in Bhagavat Gita ; Yada Yada hi Dharmasya…].

    3. Prophet Mohammed , already came 2000 years ago and by no means will be the Kalki Avatar and also Prophet was a slave of God then how he can become god ?.

    4. Now about guns & Missiles:

    Who is using them to kill innocent people ? i will leave it to your perogatory to think. Many muslim scholars have outrightly denied these terrorist acts which are carried out as Jehad as baseless.. these are the demons who will grow in the coming age and will be destroyed by Kalki.

    Pl note that HINDUISM is also a Monotheist religion like islam. Its not buying a car OR any commodity to compare and prove a point.

    Rember, every body’s relation ship with god is diffrent and they have diffrent ways to express it….

  91. If all the muslims believe in the words of vedas than they should start teaching vedas 1st in madarsha and also in the masjids.
    If they can do this then they can get a bit of feeling in hindu hearts. Its not exceptable that u go with only 1 point of vedas and neglect the other.

  92. Muslims believe that many prophets existed, including many not mentioned in the Quran. Islam also encompasses past faiths like Judiasm, Christianity, etc.. Was it perverted through Hadith and other man-made innovations, sure! Satan doesnt sleep and has done it countless times.. but the Quran is gods final “protected” scripture. Read it and interpret it your own way because even the prophet Mohammed (PBUH) never interpreted the Quran and was stoutly against anyone documenting anything he said. If any of you have played Chinese whisper you would realise that as you whisper from one ear to another the original message gets distorted. So whos to saty Krishna and Buddah werent also messengers from God who had their original teachinges distorted over the span of thousands of years.

    The Quran repeatedly condemns on following forefather’s religion blindly. [The holy Quran 2:170]

  93. what the fuck….islam N quran presents a fucking ideology, pseudo scientific n all bullshit …copied from bible and greek stories and tomented with the flavour of jihad nothing else….”shit book”

    • May ALLAH SWT either guide you to truth or destroy you in this earth for defaming the holiest Book of this universe.

  94. Why just Allah? Why not Buddha, why not Mahavira, why not Nanak, why not others? This clearly smacks of bias and arrogance. Scores of Muslims will tell you that they have researched Hindu scripts and have found mention of Islam and Mohammed. But ask them to research their own Koran and find out why so much bloodshed in the name of Islam, Allah and they will react violently or walk away. As people become more learned nowadays, they either begin to doubt everything around them or they want to impose their beliefs on others. We all know that whatever good or bad we do, comes back to us in the same life. When arrogant people are questioned, defeated and forced to practice what they preach, that is the time to see their real selves and their gods. Whatever be, Gods or his messengers, a man who leads life honestly, truthfully, surviving all the challenges life throws to him, knows in his mind that he has found peace with himself and is one with the eternal power in this universe. Just wait for your judgment day and you will know, which is the true god and which is make belief. May sane judgment prevail upon the people of this world! Let us all search for God within our dark minds and enlighten ourselves. Let us all be our own gods. After all as human beings and the most intelligent specie on earth, shouldn’t we try to become God, do something good to our mother earth, rather than creating artificial truths and fight with it?

    • Are you so confused that you are unaware that we talk about the CREATOR not the creation. We donot worship a dying man .We are talking of Supreme LORD who has created the vast universe.
      Atleast have common sense to read first chapter of veda : NO ONE saw HIM. HE is fast & LAST.HE has no beginning & no end.
      You want to make self god .do it & no help will come when you die.

  95. Y is paganism sch an issue…corrct me if i am wrong…pagan relign involves worshpng natural elements….godz existenc in the traditional sense is stil debatable…bt nt about nature and evolution….what is the shame in sex….it is d only way of gvng lyf.,.hw cn smthng dt gvs lyf b shameful?the so called God hs md it ds way…

  96. i don’t believe in this research and i know that this is prepared by an anti element and i wanna teach him that ur research if done is incomplete because it is mentioned in vedas that kalki avtaar will marry maa vaishno and surely just once not more than one times or 4 times bt with maa vaishno who is long performing penance on the trikuta hills and waiting for the arrival of kalki and one thing more

    Why u people are targeting us with this that prophet is gonna be kalki

    And let me ask u some questions through this blog

    1. if u r the oldest existing religion on this earth, then y ur messengers were not mentioned in the oldest existing books like vedas, puranas and y ur messenger were not mentioned there.

    2. y u provided this account after the birth of prophet mohammed sahab and where was the word muslim before the prophet
    3. y u people use to say that u r the true religion. if u r then has ur god taught u to slaughter others for ur ease and comfort which u r doing through taliban, al qaeda, al shabab and numerous others or could say only msulim terrorist organisations when u r selected as the saviour y u r performing these obnoxious accounts.
    4. i ‘ve variety of reasons bt first of all answer these

    • Brother, no one should be targeting any religion at all, SIMPLE.

      As for all those group of people you mentioned, all hindus are not good practicing of Hiduism and same goes for Muslims. That is their perception of Islam and do not portray all Muslims, but rest assure they are answerable to Allah for their deeds/misdeeds

  97. God is Love and Love is God and the comments i am reading is not Love

  98. fucking..muslims are devil what is written in indian mythological book”bhavisya purana” just got through wikipedia…muslim bastard

  99. All of these confusions and questions are answered by the religion of Mahamati Prannath.

    Does anybody know who Mahamati Prannath is? If not then find the biography of Mahamati Prannath at the following link:

    But of course, the book at the above link is in Hindi script/language. (Apology to the non-Hindi speakers/readers)

  100. hey admin
    from which u r denying of hinduisim to being a true religion.
    it may……….

  101. I was doing some research and found out that Hzarat Adam was born in a period 10000 to12000 years BCE, the ages til Hazar Yousuf as per research done were 930 to 147 years. if we keep the number of years in mind since Hazrat Adam we talking of some14000 years to date, since there have been 124000 prophets, there were times when in an year there were 8-9 prophets in different regions of the world.

    i dont see any harm to believe that the sacred books of other religions are totally wrong. Yes, to date the only Holy Book being read in its original state in Quran and all others have been edited at one time or another, but still if any other book talks about our Prophet PBUH, so to deny that just for the sake of not rcognizing that book may be wrong. WALLAH ALAM

  102. Muslims dont have time to go teach people follow islam or follow evil . . ALLAH will judge you better. . Prophet muhammed is in all bOOKS that’s want is great so better join islam now . . Islam is the greatest religion n ALLAH GOD BELONGS TO ISLAM ONLY


    1. In the Hindu epic the RIG VEDA

    (i) In Mandala 7, Ush 5, Mantra 5 and Chapter 6

    “Bee chakram prithoi aishai ta khestraaeh Vishnu mansai das sayaan throvaah so asaya keeryo janaas oeroo khashatra so janama chakaar (”

    “when in the world the sinful ways will be on the rise and noble behavior will vanish, as the disappearance of the moon when on its wane on the darkest night, there will appear Vishnu as a prominent Prophet from the Keshatra Clan and will manifest in consecutive form through 10 Prophets to bring back the ways of virtue to the ailing world.”
    (ii) In the same Vedas, in another part even in the name NANAK and the clan he belongs to is recorded thus –

    “Sri Nanak gureng vareng saklaath heythoo. Heitha samasth jagathaa va veithee kaetheng”

    “For the preaching of religious ways and the earning of good karma, there will manifest Guru NANAK from the clan of the Veithees”
    (iii) At another position in the same Vedas is entered under Mandala 1 Soothak 5 and in the 7th Mantra thus –

    “Eeth eethei Vishnu reinn chakramei threihaa nathathei patham”

    “The Prophet in the Kali Yuga will manifest three attributes. As an Avtar propounding Truth, as a Householder establishing family life and at the same time be a Raja Yogi”

    2. The YUJAR VEDA

    As in the RIG VEDA quoted above, in the YUJAR VEDA also the Prophet in the Kali Yuga will manifest three main characteristics thus –

    “Vishnu bee chakrageih treithaa neikthei patham samudhseiaa paaeh serei swahaa”

    “Vishnu will appear again, manifesting three main characteristics, Avtarhood, Householder family life and be a Rajah Yogi as well”
    Although in the above two quotations the name of Nanak does not directly appear, reference to being a householder family man, would point to him because he was among the first few Avtars (prophets) who was married and begetting children.

    Incidentally in Hindu mythology, VISHNU is the primordial Godhead Prophet, who incarnates on Earth taking many differing forms and the ensuing names thereto.


    “Baavekhath” means “future foretelling”. There are numerous places in this famous Hindu epic where the advant of Guru NANAK is directly alluded to. These instances are listed hereunder –


    “Theraa bhaareng thereshtwah keli krethem maha krethyaa. Aeveng vaee tharam parchaariang bhavekhthee thaa kalau. Thatha vei loka rakheiaartheng maleishana naas heithwei paschmeitlheng subh theisay vath wensei chei Nanaka naam nach rekhiang brahem geaanaik manas bhavekhet kaloe skunth thatar verth kaleaah har (35).”

    “In the Kali Yuga when goodness in the world is deteriorating there will appear a Prophet from the Beithi clan named NANAK who from birth will be endowed with extra-ordinary spiritual power. He will preach on the nobility of life and the eradication of the sinful ways”
    (ii) In another portion of this book the following short cogent quotation supplies further pertinent information on the advant of Nanak

    “Guru thaa Brahma, Guru raa Vishnu, Guru raa dev maheshra saakhyaar Parbrehem Thasmei NANAK nameh”

    “The Guru of the prophets, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiv ji is God almighty himself. This very Creator will manifest itself as a human, in the form of one whose name will be NANAK
    Note the clarity and explicitness in which the coming of Nanak is predicted.

    (iii) Further down in this book is recorded the following detailed assertiveness about Nanak and the type of mission and work he shall perform. It appears to emanate from the Godhead itself.

    “The Kali Yuga shall dawn on Earth with radical mainisfestation of destruction of Karma and Dharma to such an extent that every situation shall be colored by sinful activities. At that distressful moment, the Creator shall send down a spiritual liminary in the form of NANAK from the Khatria clan. He will spread the message of NAAM, the Holy life Force, by introducing the primacy of meditation and thus washing clean the sinful ways by the waters of love.”
    Note the beautiful and comprehensive description of the happening.

    (iv) There is yet another quotation from this same Bhavekhath Purana indicative of Nanak and the 9 prophets that consecutively followed his lineage : –

    “When in the world there is the deteriorization of noble Dharma, then Vishnu will re-incarnate through 10 Prophethoods and will preach on the universal and omnipotent value of NAAM. (the Holy Life Force)”


    “During the reign of the 8 Muslim rulers, Vishnu will incarnate in 10 human forms and after them will appear a (Mona) SILENT Guru (meaning the Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, the Sikh Scripture) who will only respond where the response is solicited.”
    The word SILENT is of great importance – it refers to the “Sikh Scriptural Book” (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). This is the first time in the history of Religion that a Sacred Book was elevated to the status of a Prophet. Unlike a Prophet in body form with the inherent capacity to make utterances, a Book has to be categorized as being basically ‘Silent’. This is indeed a startling revelation, pinpointing the coming into the world of a (mona) Silent Guru, thousands of years before the actual occurrence.

    The eight Muslim Rulers were 1. – Sultan Lodhi, 2. – Babar, 3. – Humanyuh, 4. – Akbar, 5 – Jehangir, 6 – Shah Jahan, 7 – Aurangzeb, 8 – Bahadur Shah, These precisely were the Rulers in India during the period in which the 10th Sikh Guru came into being. This further emphasizes the authenticity of the revelation and the happening.

    5. Through PATANJALI the great Indian (Hindu) Sage

    Patanjali, one of the top Indian Yogis of old, came 2180 years before Guru Nanak. In his Ashram while lecturing on the Prophets of the Kali Yuga, the Iron Age, he singled out Guru Nanak as the one who will be outstanding. When asked what will be his prime mantra, He replied. –

    “Wahyanti karyanti jathputi athak etwaha brahamadeya, teisah Gur et WAHEGURU”

    “He will use a unique single syllable mantra which has not been utilized before at any Age or Era. This will be WAHEGURU.”
    Waheguru mantra, which means “Lord of Wonderment” has since been popularised by Guru Nanak and all the nine other Sikh Gurus that followed him.


    In the VISHNU PURANA there is recorded an interesting dialogue between VISHNU and a famous Rishi UMBREEK. Vishnu is said to have informed Umbreek that he will once again take birth in the Kali Yuga. The Rishi then enquired when about will that be and what will be your name then? Vishnu replied that this will happen when the Kali Yuga has proceeded for 4500 years and that I will take birth in the Shatri Sooraj Bansi clan, when I will be named, NANAK.

    In this same Purana it is further recorded: –

    “Sri Nanak santang saageaami
    Sri asech, sri asech, sri asech, sri asech”

    “Sri NANAK will once again appear in the world in a variety of incarnations; this is for sure, this is for sure, this is for sure.”
    Computing the date of Guru Nanak’s birth from the above mentioned figure that took place when the Kali Yuga had proceeded for 4550 years, reckoning the total durations of Kali Yuga now to be about 5090 old. It is to be noted that this figure of 4550 is pretty close to the 4500 years predicted by VISHNU JI above. Incidentally, the clan in which Guru Nanak was born was also known as a Shatri Sooraj Bansi indicated above.


    From the above it is evident that Guru Nanak must have had the largest number of premonitional references to his coming compared to the advent of the other Prophets in all the various Ages and Epochs. Therefore the Prophet Guru Nanak’s advent into the world is indeed of millennial significance to even the coming future times.


  104. Muhammad in Hinduism! 😮

  105. Zakir Naik Proves That Allah is a Mouse!!! (Based on Song of Solomon 5:16) 😮 😮

    …must read!

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