Question of the day

How do you fry an egg if you’ve run out of cooking oil?

Use butter?


I am not dead, no, I am not…

Hmmm so that may have become a sensational title of the post, but at 4am in the night when you’re really pissed off at your assignment that is not getting completed and you just feel like killing time somewhere else (sleep is out of the question dude!), that’s what props up usually to revive an old blog that might be dying a slow death (and might not).

So that’s the reason the title is there. Not anything “item” going on. Really.

The reason why this blog has been lying dormant for a period now has somewhat got to do with me being busy (a bit) and with nothing really having to share. I have almost quit blog-hopping too. I feel that there is no originality in the new crop of blogs that’s coming in, people are just hopping on the band-wagon so that they can boast of a blog that they supposedly write. And what they write is literally trash.

Like they just pretend to be someone they are not, and that brings us full circle to why I am not updating my blog regularly. Short and sweet: I feel disgusted.

I’ll be content with the few blogs I am an avid reader of, who still have some originality left. You guys know who you are. Whereever I am, sooner or later I’ll come back to read up on your lives 🙂

So that outburst makes me feel a little better. Guess I switched the direction of the guns, but nevermind. And hey, I put up a cute little Singapore flag beside the Pakistan flag right up there. You know, the second column, top? At least you guys wouldn’t forget the Singapore flag now. And that makes a bold statement: I am content with Singapore!

That ends a boatload of crap that was in my system. Sorry I couldn’t find any sweeter words for that. In fact, I can’t remember the word for “sweeter words”, it’s right there on the tip of my tongue, but I can’t force it out… I forgot my thesaurus at home!

All in the name of God…

Okay so the last day of the freedom of Iblees gets spent by watching the movie everyone was talking about, at the place to be seen at, i.e. Cineplex.

And before everybody runs me down for commenting Khuda Kay Liye on what is now supposed to be a very discussed, ghissa pita and cliched topic, let me explain that this rambling is just my two cents worth on the “Revival of Cinema in Pakistan”.

Everything is fine with this movie being a “different” one from the usual load of crap that Lollywood produces every year. The storyline was interesting, the cinematography was commendable and the soundtrack is refreshing. But the major thing that put me off? The actors themselves… Everybody except the angrez people seemed out of place and out of touch with their roles.

For starters, what’s with the lead-man-must-be-a-popular-actor mentality of the Lollywood/Bollywood arena? Shan tries mightily to fit in the elder, mature brother role of Fawad but fails in more than a few places. He has probably saved his lot only with the experience he has had over these years of showbiz. Fawad? Cute, tailor-made for this role, probably like Afridi is for One Day Internationals, but never delivers like Afridi never does. Come on, I know his role was of a shy person, but who in the world is SO shy that he could never utter a word?

Iman Ali never looked like a British born desi, nor sounded like one. Probably she could have taken some cues from Katrina Kaif’s “Jass” in a recently released movie (don’t know the name and probably it was recently released, and since it is Iman Ali so we can be a little less cruel on her :p). And hey, who was her dad in the movie? Were the directors so short on people for casting that they would use just anybody for a major role? That guy didn’t look like he was willing to act, just filling in the spaces maybe…

The best act was of the Hollywood hottie Austin Marie Sayre, who really looked like someone deep in their role, besides Rasheed Naz and Naseeruddin Shah, two very accomplished actors. She stole the show with the vivacity she put into her tiny role, better than anyone else of the lead cast.

So it all boils down to this: to really revive the cinema culture in Pakistan, we definitely need movies with different and thought-provoking topics, but also with better acting, casting and a tight control of the storyline.

And I would not comment on the legality of music in Islam. I think it is useless to comment on an issue involving religion raised by a movie based on the movie itself, when the status of movies themselves is a little somewhat controversial.

Crossfire is welcome.

The brief hiatus

So after the brief hiatus, I’m here. Not exactly promising to be back in action, but I can assure the few readers left who actually read my blog (and I read theirs) to update once in a while…

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. The days were a mixture of fun, fears, confusion, enthusiasm and hope. My sweet (and significant) other arranged a surprise birthday party for me, and indeed it was a great surprise as any because the event was arranged before my birthday 😛 The best thing was the long list of presents (actually, 23) from her, signifying the years I have spent in this world. These included (for sake of brevity I’m not listing them, but I can do it if somebody insists :P) 4 books, 3 tees, 1 cargo, 1 jeans, 1 shirt, 1 cap, 1 3-pack socks (duh!), 1 can of Fox’s, 1 cute cuddly bear soap-holder, 1 skeleton, 1 “Completely Nuts”, 1 Shower Gel (:P), 1 picture frame, 1 snake piece, 1 customized mug, flowers, cake and surprise!

Phew~! Now I can proudly claim I own atleast one piece from all the shops in Park Towers!

And our engagement turned one year young also… Pray we live in fun as we always do 🙂

For the loyalists reading this, I might have something to reveal over the days… Stay tuned!


I always knew that touching the lower part of the electric iron (istree) could give you a scalding burn, but I just found out that the istree is perfectly capable of giving you an electric shock as well!

And since, I am a man of action, I learnt that lesson the hard way 😛

Note to self: “Wrinkle-free” trousers DO need ironing!


So we are moving, no, not moving the world, but shifting to another place. Dont worry, it is in Karachi, and it is VERY near to where I currently live. I presume the absence would not be felt very strongly though 😛 (as if I wasnt absent long enough)!!!

Have fun guys!