The brief hiatus

So after the brief hiatus, I’m here. Not exactly promising to be back in action, but I can assure the few readers left who actually read my blog (and I read theirs) to update once in a while…

A lot has happened since the last time I blogged. The days were a mixture of fun, fears, confusion, enthusiasm and hope. My sweet (and significant) other arranged a surprise birthday party for me, and indeed it was a great surprise as any because the event was arranged before my birthday 😛 The best thing was the long list of presents (actually, 23) from her, signifying the years I have spent in this world. These included (for sake of brevity I’m not listing them, but I can do it if somebody insists :P) 4 books, 3 tees, 1 cargo, 1 jeans, 1 shirt, 1 cap, 1 3-pack socks (duh!), 1 can of Fox’s, 1 cute cuddly bear soap-holder, 1 skeleton, 1 “Completely Nuts”, 1 Shower Gel (:P), 1 picture frame, 1 snake piece, 1 customized mug, flowers, cake and surprise!

Phew~! Now I can proudly claim I own atleast one piece from all the shops in Park Towers!

And our engagement turned one year young also… Pray we live in fun as we always do 🙂

For the loyalists reading this, I might have something to reveal over the days… Stay tuned!


4 Responses

  1. well belated happy birtheday! and thats very sweet of your other half to give you as many presents as your age! 🙂

  2. Hehe indeed she is sweet, and thanks for the wishes 🙂

  3. pehlay tu bohat bohat bohat mubarak ho on blogging! :p

    then bohat bohat mubarak for the engagement turning 1

    and then mubarak for your burpday! Wow you have a yrs supply of clothing rashan now! good good

  4. pehlay to buhat buhat shukriya on mubarak baad on blogging :p

    then buhat buhat shukriya on the engagement turning 1 mubarakbaad

    and then thanks for the burpday wish 😛 I still remember your aaroo ka cake :p

    n yeah i’ve got a load of clothing, but wouldn’t last me a whole year 😛

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