The Coolest Gizmo

Finally, after a long wait, I get my iPod. Yeah, it’s here, in my hands, playing its sweet music. The sleek lines, the slick exterior, it isimages.jpg something worth going ga-ga over.

I admit, I have been drooling over it for a little over two years. The wait was pretty okay, now I think. The 2GB iPod nano has fast won its place over the Razr. The Razr must have gotten sad now, as I spend most of my time with the nano 😛

By the way, I plan to give it a name. Haven’t decided yet. Opinions are welcome.

And of course, the nano will be branded as soon as I get the time. Just like the Razr has been. I don’t go with stock options, when a thing becomes mine, it should also show that it’s mine!silver.jpg Whoever wants to drool over it can do away with the pictures. God, I’m in love!

(Sorry if I don’t make sense, I am too excited!)

And lots of muaaaaaaaaaahs to the one who fulfilled my need 😛 You know who you are!


5 Responses

  1. waow! congrats, aik kaam kerna please don’t carry it around in a public bus :p and I’m seriously getting tempted about getting the iphone in the US 😀

  2. Lol nahin I am taking the utmost care of it 😛 Aur haan iPhone is a real bomb but then u ll have to get it unlocked agar Pakistan mein use karna hua to 😛

  3. sorry now m not getting u iPhone! now its ur turn so get me one! 😛

  4. I’ll wait for the surprise us ke baad hi kuch doonga 😛

  5. lolsss!! wow!!

    mujhe bhi chahiye. no fair!

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