You’re officially invited…


Najia’s finally got around to holding her exhibition. You are invited 🙂 and of course, we’ll try to make this event a success;)

Venue: 50/2, B-6 Street, Phase V, DHA, Karachi

Date: 23 December 2006. 11 AM onwards

We’d love to see you there!


9 Responses

  1. Nice! now you can sit back and chill at home whilst the wife earns the bread and butter ;p yeh aaj kal keh mard sheesh!

  2. oh my GOD! look at her talking… :\ If I am giving all the credit to her that doesn’t mean I didnt have anything to do with the event… Besides, I AM earning 😛

  3. I hope her exhibition went well ! Won’t it be nice if you publish a few pics of the event here for those who missed it?

  4. Nice idea, GH. I ll put em up soon 🙂

  5. how’d it go? sorry for not bein able to come. jis din se i start earning too, ill ask bhabhi to design me kapre as well. 😀

  6. and i just noticed u have a ‘her’ category. that is so adorably cute. 😛

  7. you’re making me go blush blush 😛

    the exhib went terrific. At least the target was over achieved. All the dresses were sold 🙂

  8. Lekin meri GF nahi hai 😦

  9. and update the links plz 🙂

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