XPeatrics: No Urdu there!

Yup! Never trust a better technology. Stick with the old ones! With new things there are new problems, and advanced too!

I should have known better. Microsoft Visual Studio .Net does not work on Windows 98. Because the Microsoft people have stopped supporting Win98. Oh good old Win98!

So I had to install exactly that. You see, there is this database project looming ahead, and the Computer Architecture one too. The medium of choice for database project was ofcourse VS .Net, and I didnt particularly want to quit Win98. But finally, after some persuasion, and lots of failed attempts of finding a workaround that could make C# code run on 98, I had to go for WinXP.

And thus my folly, I chose to upgrade 98 to XP. I should have done a fresh installation.

Anyways, it took almost 2.5 hours to install. I was using Abba’s CD drive and the CD used for installation was also an old one. My CD drive is with Wasiq and dont know when he will deign to return it!

And then the Sasser, Blaster, Chir, dont know what hordes of virii, worms attacked my system. I was better off with 98. I hate XP. I love 98. And I love Linux too!

Some InPage file of Abba got corrupted too. And his client was here and he wanted exactly that file! Phew! Abba wants 98 too. Everybody wants 98 at my home. But Dot Net needs XP! Damn Dot Net!

I am content with 98 and Linux. Though I am on XP and Linux now.


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