Elections, Selections?

After getting pretty much pissed off at Geo live streaming which I am simply starting to detest, I tried checking out the election results online. Pretty much to my horror, the first result on Google is about Politics of Yemen from Wikipedia. The second result is from some apparent “seer” who tries to predict future events and had written something about the elections on his blog a few days back.

At first glance, the first page of results doesn’t look really promising. There is this elections.com.pk link with the title of Pakistan Elections 2008 results, but you know how search engines work and you definitely check out the full link of the result; which apparently is results2002.php. So that result should go in the bin also but a little probing reveals that it is supposed to be a valid website with current results (I think so).

The whole motivation for this post was that people around the world aren’t generally taking interest in elections of our little homeland. Checking out Google Trends for the phrase “pakistan elections” tells you promptly that:

“Your terms – pakistan elections – do not have enough search volume to show graphs.

I feel that it’s only being treated like a chutti in Pakistan. I mean, even Benazir Bhutto assassination made it to the top searches in Google at least for that day. No such thing for elections. Nobody is interested in our elections. We don’t even have a proper website for elections. Okay there may be a proper website but its not Web 2.0. Its not glossy and shiny. Even the Pakistani population is not checking the results out online. It all comes down to the same conclusion: farcical elections.

Let’s see what happens when results are really consolidated. Who gets in and who is being kicked out. Who would become the master of a volatile nation, if its not decided already.

We are not cool…


5 Responses

  1. Everyone here in paki is excited about the elections. I guess people abroad don’t care but m at work today n nearly everyone has voted n everyone is talking about only the elections. It looks like there’s going to be an alliance between PML-N and PPP. PML-Q is out of the scene 😀 Sheikh Rashid has lost! 🙂 Wonder who will be PM

  2. Yeah but I was talking from a technical point of view and it shows that the general population has not integrated internet properly into their lives. Hence the weird search results.

    The election results were long expected. I mean there isn’t any surprise result yet. PML-Q was out of the question anyway. The thing still is that the same faces will be back again, but in different places.

  3. U know wut m scared of. M scared the PPP n PML-Q might form a coalition n get PML-N out of the scene 😦

  4. Wow. That seems to be a far-fetched idea. Why would PPP throw away their popularity by forming a coalition with PML-Q, who are already humiliated?

    I think the problems have still not been solved. But eventually PML-N would come around for the coalition.

  5. I really hope so. They r saying theyre gonna team up with MQM. I dunno PPP is not someone I trust and lately they’ve been very quiet about their anti musharafness and theyre not making any statements.

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