He is back!

Okay so the deal is this: uXuf wasn’t exactly busy as he originally claimed as an excuse of not updating his blog, he is actually a real lethargic bum who thought he has started getting better things in life. He is such a dork.

The better news is this that he is going to Singapore for his studies. Surprised? There is a nifty little university that goes by the name of National University of Singapore, and makes it big on the top 20 universities of the world, and on the top 3 universities in Asia.

Waisay bhi he doesn’t like to brag. Very humbling, isn’t it.

He knows that most of you guys have never heard about NUS, what with the current state of WOWness associated with all the Western universities. He laments that his generation is actually doing a great disservice to his region by ignoring the better universities in Asia and Australasia. He has vowed to change that impression.

He will probably be flying out in January 2008. Wish him luck guys!

He is also working on a top-secret web project that according to him would take the world by storm. Well, if not the world, then at least the people of our region… If not them, then…

He is also apologizing to all his readers for not updating his blog in a long time. They who have him added on Facebook probably have had a glimpse of what he was into (hint: 9j). But he will be back in action soon.

And he has started talking in third-person again. :\


6 Responses

  1. Oh la la la! he’s back! of course we’ve heard about NUS, its pretty good and there are a lot of desis there so should be fun πŸ™‚

  2. Lol okay that sounds better. At least better than the majority who say, “What? Singapore? Hmmmm… Jaga achi hai, lekin tumne *amreeka* mein kyoon nahin apply kiya?!!”


  3. Please refer those people to me and I’ll tell them a trillion and one good reasons why it’s not a good idea to apply to amreeka!

  4. Oh wow thats a great news. Then you wont be that far, maybe sometime we can visit each other πŸ˜‰

  5. lol ek zamanay me third person was cool
    πŸ™‚ then u guys came along

  6. Yep, Pixie, thanks for the encouraging words.

    Oh, and I “came along” pretty early when it wasn’t considered even cool. Wait, are you an oldie? Hmmm, lemme check.

    Ah well, nevermind. Got hordes of better things to do.

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