truly kicking some ass!

Make a person’s phone ring during class.

Depending on the lecturer, it could be your worst-enemy, arch-rival, that-guy/girl-who-stares or even your good ol’ friend.

Make sure you ask for the target’s cellphone before class. Set the Alarm Timer for some time during the class. Tweak other settings for alarm like Power On etc making sure that this alarm will sound. Almost all cellphone alarm sound even when the phone is on vibrate or powered off :p

Enjoy your devilish plans 🙂


6 Responses

  1. very old idea uxuf! think something new!

  2. Yeah I know its old.. I wanted to share it buhat pehlay se but didn’t get time :p

  3. u r always late esi liye tumko hi first alarm ki sakht zaroorat hai

  4. And I thought u had grown :p

  5. can u like start blogging again :p

  6. mayya: I wouldn’t still do the tag :p

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