The 7th Up

The Windows Internet Explorer 7 has got to be one of the dumbest browser I have ever used. Yep, dumber than Konqueror or Safari. I mean, I just spent the last five minutes searching for the “History” button.Internet Explorer 7 I could not find it anywhere on the toolbars, nowhere on the menus, and as despair was starting to hit home, there it was, a little arrow to the right of the “Forward” button. Pretty nifty, eh? NOT AT ALL! As far as I am concerned, being a “user”, I need the basic functionality visible to me, and I wouldn’t want to grope around to find the things I am looking for.

And the menu-bar-appears-when-alt-is-pressed mechanism is totally uncool. I am definitely not comfortable with web pages sliding down.

Buh, the aero look is a little cheesy. My advice: I really don’t see any reason for anyone to upgrade to IE 7. They’d be better off using Firefox. If any one is out there who is still loyal to Microsoft, then they should download the service pack 2 for IE 6. That’d make IE 6 better than its successor, and of course, without the sugary coat.


2 Responses

  1. IE is always crappy. The Meera thing!

  2. The Meera thing? Has IE got to do anything with it? Sheesh I dun remember 😛

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