This does it…

So it happens that when I am least interested or bothered about anything, it turns up with full force. The LUMS people finally got around to scheduling an interview next week on 18th. It comes at a time when I am the least bit interested in it. But then, let’s give it the best shot and see what happens.


6 Responses

  1. ooooooooh good luck with the interview, hear they rip you apart. Otherwise IBA’s gud enough too and u’ll be in karachi

  2. Discipline?
    Good luck!

  3. mayya: I’m giving it a shot, IBA would be down in June.

    Raheel: Thanks. BTW, kuch dinon say tumharay comments kuch spammers jaisay lagnay lagay hain :S

  4. lols @ spammers’ comment.

    good luck man. wouldnt have been bad though to have another blogger come to IBA. mayya ran away too sooon. 😛

  5. yeah I didn’t even go to bovichick 😦

  6. sid: i would’ve been at IBA for my bachelors if it hadn’t been for my brother who was there. I just didn’t want to be a protege. 🙂

    So IBA is still a little out of question…

    mayya: waheen deliver karwa dein?

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