Mujhay bhi aisi secretary chahiye!!!!!


6 Responses

  1. Apka nokri ka mood nahi lagta mujay 🙂

  2. Naukri to hai… bus secretary nahin 😛 Waisay aajkal ek assistant dhoond raha hoon… soch raha hoon aisa hi ek ad de doon akhbaar mein 😛

  3. Normally i don’t comeback to explain the things. Anyway, I assumed that you were on job, someone, probably your boss had a secretary and you also wished for the same. Now keeping this scnerio in your mind, read my comment again. Does it make a better sense now? 😛

  4. What are you talking about. i can not understand.

  5. Phir mili kay nahi

  6. GH: I got your point now. However, the secretary my boss has is better than a female one 😛

    Shari: Abhi tak to nahin… koi hai kya?

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