Josh ka Mausam

What is the biggest blunder that Josh made on their newly released video “Mausam”?

In an attempt to be overly nostalgic and old school, Rup and Q disembark from the door reserved for female passengers of the bus 2-D!

Now, if it would have been Gulistan coach or W-11, the error wouldn’t be this glaring. Or maybe, they didn’t want to show Josh actually travelling like mere mortals in a public bus!

But then, where does the rickshaw fit in?


5 Responses

  1. Forgive them this time 😉

  2. Aap keh rahay hain to maaf kar raha hon warna mein buhut particular hoon in chizon ke maamle mein, bilkul bhi maaf nahin karta 😛

  3. how observant of u. 😛

  4. lolzzz ahh the public buses ka zamaana :p long gone! For good I hope :p

  5. sid: yaar… yehi to problem hai mere sath 😦

    mayya: Good for you 😛 bus ab Harvard ja kar public transport use karna 😛

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