False hopes…

Probably the biggest problem with me is that I cannot lie. I cannot give false hopes to anyone when things are of importance. Its not that I am incompetent at generating stories out of thin air or bluffing people; but when it concerns people that are near and dear, I cannot digress.

That goes as a positive or a negative against me?


6 Responses

  1. Depends on the situation.

  2. that is good…
    u may be facing hard times..but they subside quickly..but if ud lie..it wont do good for long…..

  3. Positive!

  4. positive hny 🙂
    bcz koi chiz aap chupao n phir baad mai pata chalai woh ziada hurt karti hai bajai is k keh aap us he waqt confront karlo 🙂
    larayee hogi phaddai hongai laikin koi baat dil mai nahi rahaigi but agar chizain hide karogai n logon ko kaheen aur sai pata chaleen to woh hurt utni he hongi aur hamesha dil mai bhi reh jaingi 🙂

  5. awww bhabhi’s sooo cute

    definitely positive but not for the faint of heart

  6. Sorry for the late reply, the comment system was having some uncalled for hitches. Blame my ISP, I am accessing WordPress through a proxy :S

    and thanks for all the positive input guys, you rock!

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