Spotted on the registration form of a renowned multi-national that has recently launched a program for educating teachers:

“I confirm that I possess the essential computer skills required for enrolling for the Master Trainer’s Course as indicated overleaf.”



5 Responses

  1. πŸ˜›

  2. hehehehe

  3. GH: Itni kanjoosi bhi theek nahin πŸ˜›

    fairyDust: I only get disgusted at these type of errors :S

  4. come on… he is not english. his effort is more than enough. why the hell is it so important to have the perfect english grammar?
    it is just a language man! not a scale of quality and ability. get out of this “FOBIA”(i suspect my spellings are wrong, but f**k it who cares….)

  5. Umair: Its not an individual that I am talking about. This was spotted printed on the registration form of a MNC that you wouldn’t even think can make such childish errors!

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