Top Blog?

Apparently, your highness’s little place of doodling (blog dork!) was featured by WordPress as the 5th most popular Urdu blog on WordPress! Yeah I know that I write *very* well and there is always that little bit of spicy humor/wit that makes it all the more interesting, but, uh, you know, I am not very interested in that accolade.

I shun publicity, I have had much of it so it’s of no concern to me. By the way, where have my blog readers been? Hullo guys, have you updated my blog link? Hullloooo!

PS: You should just believe me and shouldn’t follow that link, warna mera sara pol khul jayega! (that doesn’t mean that that is a fake link, just, please, dont go there!)


2 Responses

  1. finally I came to ure blog via sidrats, I always typed and got an error :p

  2. Oh well.. thanks.. my blog is missing visitors 😛

    Need to clean things up once I get bhala changa…!

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