b.i.t.s. website was defaced yesterday morning by some Turkish hacker named Metlak. A quick search at Google revealed that this guy has been pretty busy defacing websites, with some nationalist message plastered every time on websites he defaces.

The hosting company people said that this attack was carried out through Perl injections. Perl is a server side programming language extensively used for web scripts and to process data passed via the Common Gateway Interface from HTML forms etc. This was the image that was posted on the page with some crap in Turkish (and some poem):


This guy, Metlak, turns out to be a typical teenager script kiddie (source: internet) bent upon getting his message across through such means. b.i.t.s. just happened to be a website that he used.

Not much damaged was done, only the index page was affected. Everything else was in perfect order including Sabeen‘s blog. It was a matter of minutes that the website was fixed, and Sabeen’s blog messed up.

So out of this whole thing, Sabeen’s blog turns out to be the only casualty! 😛


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  1. I like this website because so much useful material on here : D.

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