I’ve been meaning to blog lately, but the problem is exactly that, I don’t know what to blog…

I was disconnected for a few hours from the outside world as, again, the curse of the red cellphone descended upon me. Though I must admit, that it was a lot different this time. There were no Prosmetics, no kids in cool gear, nor any motorcycle wala, neither any handguns…

Just a plain old mini-bus and lots of people stuffed in it, and I was one of them.

Though I was the chosen one, to lost my phone yet again…

With this phone goes my companion in long and electricity-less nights, the FM radio. The GPRS, with all the games and ring tones I had downloaded and the hours that I have billed on to Warid people, all go down the drain.

This was the third cell. Maybe I oughta call up the Guinness Records people now…


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