The Cake Factory

Check out the new Cake Factory…

Konsa pasand aya? Do I want to place an order?

Oh I just might, I want to order.. umm… the cake maker! 😉

Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks for everything 😀


10 Responses

  1. the last one is sooooooooo cute but quantity kam ho gi and the first one looks yum yum yummy!
    I had a guitar shaped birthday cake on my 19th birthday 😀

  2. they all look so yumm.. this is torture. u feel like reachin out for a piece but then the computer screen comes in the way. 😦

  3. Guys, guess what’s the odd thing in the 3rd picture. The one who gets it right wins the yummiest cake by the Cake Factory :Pp

    Waisay we can celebrate my birthday again once mayya gets into IBA…

    Tall order, eh? 😉

  4. ji ji bilkul, mey aur sid celebrate kerain gey with the birthday boy invisible or on webcam live all the way from eng-landdddddddddddd 😉

  5. The tall order wasnt me participating in the birthday 😛

    Waisay my semester wont start till October, and IBA starts in August (IF)! We’ll have plenty of time for the celebration 🙂

  6. up for the party. 😀

    odd thing abt the third cake, ure cutting it?? hahahaha.

  7. after today’s interview KAAFI bara IF hai :s

    IF I get in, the cake’s on me :p of course I’m not “cooking” it

  8. s!d: that wasnt the odd thing… look again, you might get what I am hinting at 😉

    mayya: I am sure the cake ll be on you… 🙂

  9. the empty plate? the dunkin ka plastic bag? the maachis? some other guys hand? itni lambi knife? or the fact that u re cutting the dish with the cake?? 😛

    mayya: i second uxuf. the cake very weel mihgt be on u now. inshallah. 😀

  10. aik minit
    is the last cake a combination of two donuts?–>

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