Wish me luck…

The last mids of my Bachelors officially start tomorrow. And as always, I dont have the slightest temptation to study 😦
Going back in time, I dont remember I have ever studied seriously for my mids. Maybe except for the days in the third semester, when I got kinda serious in studies. Got a nice B+ in that semester, though even that didnt motivate me enough to study harder πŸ˜›
No, I couldnt be serious enough. I dont want to end up like Sherry, who has this constant expression of worry on his face about mids and marks and quizzes. He would worry even if he’d get nice marks in some quiz or mid, about the upcoming exam. Come on, why couldnt one just chill?
Oh well, I might be exaggerating. You have to excel in just one dimension of your studies to get a decent enough GPA at the end of the semester. I am well versed in tech-related courses, Sherry couldnt boast of any such thing. Maybe he is right if he is worried!
So wish me luck for the last mids of my last semester πŸ™‚
The P&G people finally woke up and they have asked me to come out for an interview on Friday. Hope it goes fine, although I am not too positive I’ll take up their job offer. Just to keep my options open.
Going with the flow right now…

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  1. hayee, last mids, last finals were more of an emotional experience for me *sigh* but I’m glad they’re over. Study moderately, enough to pass and not effect your GPA tremendously, even thought in my last quarter I got totally laid back on a seemingly manageable course and ended up with a C- in it hehehe
    P&G is pretty PRETTY good! take up the offer if they ask and later you can move on to better things because honestly just grads cannot be choosers :p. G`luck c

  2. i agree with mayya on this one. take whatever u get right now. specially p&g. i dont know abt u computer graduates but the marketing grads would kill to get into p&g.
    best of luck for the mids!! u feel the greatest when u do gr8 widout studyin while nerds around end up wid Bs. πŸ˜€

  3. Best of luck dude…..!!!

  4. Best of luck and wish me luck too… my Finals of the Finals are coming up!!!

  5. Why do you guys think I took IELTS for? P&G mein hojata hai to I’ll consider if they pay me atleast 25k πŸ˜›

    Ill be completing my MS inshALLAH, us k baad job dekhi jayegi πŸ™‚

    Waisay thankyou all for wishing me luck. Ab finals k liye bhi good luck wish kardo πŸ™‚

  6. I’ll wish you luck right after you post pictures of your new nephew

  7. Your wisho is my commando!


  8. yayyy!! i wannna see the two cuddly lil teddy bears too. πŸ™‚

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