What else it could be? Ofcourse, my cell phone got snatched. At gunpoint.
What’s amazing is that the snatcher has the nerve to call up my friends!
Whoa, thats what I call nerve.
BTW the chors were in a Civic Prosmatec, just for the record. And the cell they were so intent on snatching was a SonyEricsson K700i, a cameray wala mobile! 😛
I hope I was as brave (or foolish?) as Zag, I might have yelled and they’d have left me alone. Foolishness that might be, but atleast the cell would ve remained intact 😦
–This post appears as a record only. But it might also serve as a warning for future chors who might be thinking that I am an easy prey. I must assure you that I am not, I have been taking Karate classes religiously. And this goes also for the current chor to stop calling up my friends. Or else…  

6 Responses

  1. Can I laugh!?! Hehehe
    Sorry about your loss lekin the idea of an ameer chor is hilarious.

    I think I’ll start bawling like a baby if someone tried to steal my phone. My phone is extremely precious to me. and dear. my baby. and okay i spund obsessed. Lol

    P.S: Welcome back to the blogging world

  2. Laugh you can, but snicker you may not!

    The chors are now ameer, and they wear designer t-shirts too. And dont worry, the girls are safe on roads nowadays, the guys are in danger 😦

  3. No kidding man???? I thought this was stuff in the news was greatly exxagerated… chors…. :O

  4. Aftab: I can only shrug :

  5. how can u be so sure that the prometic and the tshirts werent stolen either?
    mujhe bhi mera phone bohat pyaara take a bulllet than give it away. 😦

  6. first of all, girls are not in danger unless they are flaunting their cellphones 😛

    secondly, I also think abt my cell like that, lekin jab bandooq nazar ati hai to….


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