I soooo love Pakistan :D

Well yes, I do. Seriously. No kidding. No sarcasm either.
I love Pakistan 🙂
Realized it last Saturday after the uncourteous man behind the counter didnt tell me the exact documents to be attached with the form, and rudely asked me to come back on Monday.
Realized it when the "Information Desk" person was more interested in hearing the grievances of the fairer sex.
Realized when the issuer of the document unashamedly asks for 300 bucks upfront for an "urgent" issuance.
Realized it when the two-hour long wait in the queue (throw in the sweltering heat for a good measure) was offered to be cut short for only a meagre Rs. 100, and the submission promised to be completed in only 5 minutes.
Hate myself for succumbing to the offer, and dishing out 200 bucks to get my stuff done.
Guess thats life…

4 Responses

  1. This is undoubtedly Pakistan’s LIFEDOTCOM

  2. Haha…. endless similar stories flash back in memory

  3. hehe…thats the spirit.


  4. Guys, what can I say…?

    Paisa is everything, everywhere in the world!!

    I still loove Pakistan 🙂

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