In the country, where 60% of the population doesn’t know how to read and write even in their mother language, there is a sufficient number of people that makes two institutions hold the IELTS thrice a month in almost 10 cities across the country!
I just hope I get a decent score. The test went absolutely fine, but I think I might’ve screwed up on the writing test. The Speaking Test gets held on Thursday, where I get to show off my speaking skills! 😀
Bring it onnnnnnn!

5 Responses

  1. Wheres the speaking test. I would like to take some pop corns wid me..

    and after u reminded me of this word verification God this one is long


  2. Good Luck!

  3. Toefl and IELTS are pieces of cake, seriously! *yawn* now if it was GRE or GMAT, then I’d worry :s

  4. Oh, I never said they were any difficult, and you’re have problems with GRE/GMAT?

    *yawns 2x* 😛

  5. best o luck..is ur interview at sheraton too?? some were goin on yesterday, when we there for the iba conference.

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