You know when…

You know you’ve become an expert at typing when you can type the weird “Verification Words” on the comments window without looking at the keyboard 😛


5 Responses

  1. nxsoqu

  2. remember the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog :p

  3. s!d: You failed the test 😛

    mayya: Well, uhh, I never really said I took typing classes or used those software 😛

  4. uite an observation you have man!! btw there is some mistake Sid failed TERRIBLY.. you forgot to write that word.

    Btw wherez vaanya?

  5. Raheel: s!d did, ab mein aur kya kahoon 😛

    Vaanya is here, with us, she’s in Pakistan these days 🙂

    Will feature soon inshALLAH!

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