My "new" New Year Resolution

Although its a little late, but since the original resolution was broken, I have decided on a new resolution.
My new year’s resolution is: 1024 x 768.
I hope I stick to my resolution. Pray that I do.

6 Responses

  1. hey man this was a good one =p

  2. oho sooch samajh ker resolutions rakha kero :p aiween mey inconvienience hoti hai :p

    as long as we can see that bakri, you can keep any resolution you want =) and the bakri needs to be given a name

  3. Raheel: *collar kharay karing* 😛

    mayya: is dafa to full soch k hee rakhi hai.. yeh wali resolution nahin tor sakta 😛

    Aur haan, the bakri waqi needs to be given a name, to socho phir?

  4. name her MEERA

  5. abt ‘virgin meera’. thats meera’s name for the indian film industry. 😛

    nahiiiiiin….this bakri is far cuter than meera. name her ummm..’vaanya the 2nd’

  6. Yuck! My cute lil bakri is purer than all your worldly idols!

    We’ll decide on a name soon enough! 😛

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