Guriyia Rani …

….. must b waiting for her bublo!!! 😉


11 Responses

  1. Haww yeh kis ki tasveer lagadi tumney.. badtameez.. nahin mile ga ab bubloo tumhey 😛

  2. jeh kaun??

  3. guriya rani?
    how come vaanya grew up so quickly :p or is it some software which predicts what you’ll look like in 16 yrs :pppp

  4. whoever she iz … i must say shez very pretty!!! acha ab suspense khatam bhi kardo n batado k kon hai :S

  5. Well the pic name says Najjo…& here we have 9jia hmmm.

    Pretty hmmm yes

  6. muje pata tha yeh koi larki ka hi blog hai!! uXuf.. i mean guriya or rani whoever you are, tum hum ko kabse ullo bana rahey, i mean rahi thi tameez nahi kia tumko =P

    btw this pagal pagal post was striving for a wacky comment so here it is!

  7. my guess says this is najia… good goin jony. 😛

  8. raheel wacky reply? Okay than let me ask uXuf this, is she still single? *romal se moon chupa ker sharmaing*

  9. You know, she resembles that indian girl from bend it like beckham.

    Is it just me? or do u guys see it too?

  10. Acha acha bus, ab meri pic itni bhi buri nahin hai.. badtameez ppl! 😛

    And no mayya its not vaanya, but we are working on a predictive program. When we’ll start testing you’ll be the first one I’d like to test on =)

    JonyDada: Sadly, she is committed 😦

    Raheel: Tum baray chalak nikley bhai!

    sid: jeh aap kaun?! 😛

    Extiinct: Nice observation!

  11. noooooo I’m alreay an old aunty! :s

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