Bang bang!

I feel like banging my head repeatedly against a wall!!
Allah, give me strength to bear with these hard times, and grant me forgiveness! I truly repent!

11 Responses

  1. That makes two of us :/

    Amen to your prayers!

  2. mayya, I feel no shame in saying that I was inspired by you. I know my belief should be as strong as yours. Thank you for the insight.

  3. yeh kia horaha hai bhai koi muje bhi toh samjhaye?!

  4. Oho! koi changa kam vi keta?!?!

    ANd do u have some degree in kids fotography?! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar my 1.2 yrs old cozin almost broken my back while an attempt of his fotography.

  5. Bang bang na karo achay bachay ban jao *silly*

  6. uxuf: Trust me my faith is no where as strong as to many many other people! :/ I wish it was,
    but glad to know somewhere someone was able to feel better 🙂

  7. feelin any better now? [:)]

  8. Raheel: hua kya hai yeh to mujhay bhi nahin pata theek say, but khair ho hee gaya hai :\

    Gurl: ki changa kaam? sorry is say agay punjabi nahin ati 😛
    And no I dont have any degree or anything in kids photography, infact I dont even own a device that can be qualified as a full fledged camera…
    All of these pictures are either from Nokia 6600, Nokia 3220, or some SonyEricsson set that I dont know the model name of 😛

    JonyDada: baray shareer ho 😛

    mayya: People that dont have that strong a faith would look up to people who didnt have strong faith, but managed to achieve it through determination.

    sid: Looks like you’re orkutting too much these days 😛

    And yeah I am better now 🙂

  9. socho iske baarey main aur practice karo, sab fine fine hojayega seriously!

  10. The strength to bear will only come when you face those hard times head on.

    May Allah grant you both.

  11. Ah, how can I stay depressed for long when I have such nice friends around me?

    luv u all 🙂

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