Sari Rat Jaga

So its officially been two days since I am awake. Matlab I havent slept a wink. Okay, you dont count various dozes as sleep.
Finally got through the FYP Presentation and demo, with the examiners, Mr. AA and Ms. AA (they are two totally unrelated persons, except perhaps they were our examiners) smiling and joking and generally kidding, rushing their way through the whole prez. Oh, and they weren’t particularly stumped by our project, they liked it though, but no marks for guessing…
Mr. AA even said the best part of the whole affair was my little piece of work in Flash (prez. that is), and that he could spend his time looking at the movie only… How cool is that 😛
Umm now I am not too positive he is too impressed, and that means, I’ll have to pay a visit to him. No marks for guessing the purpose of the visit 😉
Khairrrrrrrrrr, thanks for bearing with my incoherent (and possibly unlinked) rambling, I need to sleep badly, and I am going to do that right now.
So lets go to sleep. Going. Gone!

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6 Responses

  1. ok
    sweet dreams … bubye :p

  2. ab to mein uth bhi gaya 😛

  3. to tumhara kya bharosa! abhi uthai ho phir so jaogai 😛

  4. hard work “always” pays off! I repeat it ALWAYS pays off!
    gooood luck!

  5. 9jia: Mein phir say so kay phir say uth gaya 😛

    mayya: lets see what happens, it should pay off… its high time 😉

  6. Just dont pay him a visit alone..u know what i mean :p

    BTW when u post via email, put the #end when u r done with the actual post, blogger will take it as end of post & wont publish do u yahoo thingies :p

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