Just when you get the PDA…

And travel in the bus with it neatly tucked in your bag…

You miss three calls from a potential employer :

Screw you cell-phone snatchers!!!


6 Responses

  1. tum aaj yeh to nahi lai thai!!! wohi sara howa cell tha :S

  2. Yeh us din ki bat hai jab laya tha :

    Hunh jealous people! 😛

  3. us din ki baat aaj kyoon ki phir? 😛

  4. isliyeh k aaj yaad aayee :S

    acha bhai nahin karoonga next time say 😦

  5. keep a sasta wala cell for potential employers and the PDA to show off :p

    mujheyyyyyy cameray wala mobile chaheyayyyyyyyyyyy *whines*

  6. ab to meinay ghussay mein aa kar wapis bhi kardiya, back to my 3220 😛

    Merey pas to cellphone wala camera already hain *nai nai nai bo bo*

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