Why, oh why!

TallGuy, you might be a close friend of mine. You might have supported me in countless endeavours, endured my constant bitching, advised me through the messes i usually create, and generally proven to be someone called a friend. I have no doubt in agreeing to it.

But, I am sorry, when it comes to it, you must leave my work to me. Everybody in this world is not perfect in everything, and when there is someone perfect (or part thereof) in something, let him do that. You can try your hand in it, I dont mind, but here it is a matter of professionalism. After we make the presentation, after we hand over the project, you can do all of the tweaks and revamps you want, but not before it.

Just think of the impression it’ll give when they’ll be holding something else and watching something else, all the professional approach will pop with a loud BANG!

So please, stop being a jerk. You can go make the ERD and leave these things to me. Please!


6 Responses

  1. hmmmm…

  2. hmmmmm?

  3. chalo i m waiting tall guy ki protype ka interface ka 😛

  4. :@

  5. haha..boy can i realte to this!! [:P]

  6. s!d: finally I get a shoulder to cry on 😥

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