Okay, so I found this thing on Samar’s blog pretty interesting. But I had no plan to do it on my blog. Khair, I have been tagged for it, so guess I have to do it!

What I had to do: Go to Google, and search for “my_name needs“. And post the results obtained. Principle one: The results should be hilarious. Principle two: No madeup results. Principle three: In doubt? See principles one and two…

Here is what I need:

Yousuf needs to be careful of the following (follows a long list of gibberish)

Yousuf needs to be treated with respect.

Yousuf needs an opening pair to provide a platform.

Mr. Yousuf needs to get more of his colleagues involved in his plans to establish rule of law in Somalia. (???)

Yousuf needs to stay there the whole way for us to have a chance. (Really!)

Yousuf needs knowledge to reach these lofty goals.

Yousuf needs 154 runs more to reach the 4000 Test runs mark. Yousuf needs another 2 catches to reach the 50 Test catches milestone. (I didnt know I played Test Cricket!)

Yousuf needs fresh ideas for guests.

Yousuf needs to work on that.

Yousuf’s garment needs to fit like a glove. (sheesh!)

Yousuf needs the judiciary to be free from any kind of discrimination!

Yousuf needs a snack & drink.

Yousuf needs to flaunt the latest.

Yousuf needs the water bottle to stand out.

Yousuf doesnt need your permission.

And the best:
Yousuf. For all your shopping needs.

I am tagging:
Extiinct (hey, u werent tagged! :P)
And everyone else 🙂


6 Responses

  1. http://www.googlism.com/

    try that

  2. LOL TDH! Its funnier!!!


  3. I wont post it on my blog because there is only one search which links back to my blog.. it says

    RAHEEL NEEDS REST.. so true!

  4. Aray! Ho hee nahin sakta, try to karo…

    Without the quotes yaar! Then we ll see how much funnier it gets 😛

  5. i cant seem to do it.. it gives proper search results.. 😦

  6. s!d: Like TDH said, try googlism… You will find a lot more about yourself 😛

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