This is to inform all of you that from now on, this blog might contain explicit contents. They may range from sub-standard, sub-human things to expletives. The author could not be held responsible for any trauma arising out of such views. What you read is your choice, and you can leave the blog any time.

Finally I decided to show the real me, as Samar says that all blogs portray the nice sides of the bloggers. So here I am, all in my glory, in my real self, nice as well as evil.

I am finally shedding the be-good posture that I have been wearing all my life. Bear with me if you can, or bid me adios.

P.S. did I tell you I was a Gemini?


8 Responses

  1. are u sure you want us to hang around??

  2. Tuaba tuba…. ab ramzaan ke baad aya karon ga :p wo bhi chup chup ke

  3. s!d: I dont know, what are friends supposed to do?

    JonyDada: I said *might contain*, you know, the word “might” occurs in it 😉

    Anay mein koi masla nahin I promise I wont tell your mother 😛

    uXuf 😉 (kuch yaad aya?)

  4. Haha…let me copy paste the msg i wrote in my own blog, that fits here as well.

    I swear that wasnt me who posted this above comment *eek* uXuf, u on a roll again?

    I just hope no other Jaleel’s user get in here and mess up with our blogs *bummer*

  5. Hehe, thats why I had started commenting with the “Other” option. I guess I have to revert back to that 😉

    Aur post? That I do with my email addy, need instructions? 😛

  6. Cmon dude…bring it onnnn 😉

    with regards

  7. FINALLY!!! Ever since ive started on my blog hopping binge ive been disgusted to see how everyone’s blog is Oh-so-nice.

    And uxuf…widen your horizons…cursing doesn’t necessarily show the not-nice side of the person.

    But it’s a start! Lol.

  8. Good going FM! Finally I see a man!! 🙂

    Extiinct: It sure isnt necessary, but in this case, it just plainly would!

    Wait till you read em! 😉

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