The Quake

Image copyright BBC International
The epicenter of the earthquake was approximately 96 kilometers from Islamabad. The quake hit the cities at 8:50 am. More than 500 deaths are reported in Pakistan alone (including Azad Kashmir).
The tsunamis, the floods, the hurricanes, and now the earthquake. God is testing the world in major ways this decade. Pray that we keep steady in our faith, and emerge from these tests with our heads held high.
My prayers for the affected people from the earthquake. May God give them strength to bear with the calamity.
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  4. and I’ve heard that more quakes are expected.
    Allah khair karay.

  5. heheheeheh … chalo dinky mind bhi agaya dinky family mai 😛

  6. I hope everything gets fine soon. Amen.

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