The Mids are starting from tomorrow. And here I am, playing CS, chatting away, wasting my time in general.

Its Compiler tomorrow, then Marketing, Software Engineering II and Psychology. All in a week’s time.

Would somebody enlighten me on the correct word for the plural of Midterm? Is it Midterms, or Midsterm. Know what I am talking about? Ponder over it, and you’ll eventually get to the puzzled state I am in.

PS: I am only wasting my time because I’ve studied this time around! 😉 So CS, here I come!


5 Responses

  1. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. best of luck!! [:P]

  3. to jakai parho na demagh ki dahi na banao!!! 😛

  4. what kind of degree is that?

  5. Whoa, what do you mean by “what kind of degree”, ChalkJee. I thought they are pretty self explanatory, if you look at the major courses.

    You’ve got two options, and I must tell you there are two Core courses in them and two Humanities.

    Guess guess!

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