Holla there Miss Balance!

Called up Warid Balance Check. The ever sweet lady comes up:

Your account *pause*

balance *pause*

is *pause*

eighty-six *pause* (A smile creeps on my lips)


Turns out the balance was all nullified by the bold attempts. Khair, forget it.

Hope the Warid people get some sense and fix their system so that people might not get heart attacks 😦


5 Responses

  1. ‘Warid’ is it a new service?

  2. just checked my own credit… i have 86 Rs.. 😛 nanananana

  3. Just checked mine…i’ve got Rs 13! Hahahhaa and i plan on going thru an entire wedding with this.

  4. ChalkJee: Dont you live in the good ol’ country? Or are you sleeping? Wake up duuuuude!

    s!d n Extiinct: Koi jalanay ki zaroorat nahin mujhay… I ll get my credit, just that Warid 100s are short and cost Rs 110 now 😥

    Anyone aiding me financially?

  5. Oh Gee! ChalkDud, I forgot. You were supposed to live somewhere in New Zealand. Yes, Warid is a new service, and a better one at that. Just that they deduct 60 bucks every month for the GPRS and WAP Package, and I cant live without that.

    Gotta change my ways, or maybe my carrier :S

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