This is one of my favouritest picture from the tou…

This is one of my favouritest picture from the tour…. Friends are like these!

And, our Chinese friends, at the world’s highest border, skittled among the most scenic of all places, better than Switzerland, or Germany, or whatever. This is Khunjerab Pass on the historic Silk Route.

Ahhh, so now on more important things. This would be my 150th post. So bid me luck. And no thanks, I am not being introspective, nor I intend to shoot off emails to Mr. Blogger or someone 😛 (I know he wouldnt reply in any case ;))

And that brings to mind that JonyDada’s blog isnt working. Or I am getting redirected to some Mobile Resource Management site. So finally we hear a case of a blog getting hacked 😛

Interesting… Ahan!


3 Responses

  1. where about is Khunjerab pass?

  2. gr8 pix!!! specially the first one!!
    congrats on ur 150th post..:P
    and jony’s blog is working.. probably a prob wid ur browser!!

  3. ChalkJee: Khunjerab Pass lies on the Silk Route, and is between Pakistan and China. That’s precisely why it’s referred to as a border, because its between Pakistan and China.

    No, its not near Wagah. That’s between Pakistan and India, and thats a post.

    For more information, Google “Khunjerab Pass”. BTW I can send you a Google KML if you’re so insistent on seeing it. 😛

    s!d: Thanks a lot, dudette. Waisay I hope JonyDada s blog s working now. I dont like hijacking, whether it be of mind or soul 😉

    Or blog.

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