Tour ki kahani…

Finally, the tour pics are here. Talk about the fast-paced world, information at the fingertips, digitizing everything, blah blah blah! I got the *digitized* (there were absolutely no conventional cameras, only digital ones!) pics after three weeks.


So in the phirst fase (or is it the other way round? I am sleepy) I am going to put up a few of the pics taken by me, by my very old and faithful, Nokia 3220 (sheesh, it aint that old anyway!). And I had forgotten my camera at home. 😛

The Shah-Faisal Mosque. Grandeur.
Again! We offered the Isha prayers here.
TallGuy, Murghi and Khatri.

Lower Kachura Lake; the little red huts are the part of Shangrila Resort.

Believe me, the place is stunning!

Upper Kachura. This place is unmatchedly serene, peaceful and beautiful.
Could sure live here, but the track to this lake is a half-an-hour hike.

There are more, but I think they’ll have to wait till the context in which they were taken is under discussion. Watch the pics, and let me know how’d they turn out!

More on the way!


9 Responses

  1. mai nai pics dekhleen hain ab story sunni hai!!! :s

  2. chacha ji thori bari pics do na saaf saaf 😥 & ishtory :(( :((

    wesay the views are amazing… i m sure pics r not doing justice with the original view

  3. the pictures look amazing..specially the faisal mosque!!
    which one of the khatri, tall guy or murghi is u? or u arent any one of em?

  4. Haha s!d, I am in one of the pics, you just have to find me! 😛

    Open challenge to everyone 🙂

    n waisay bhi pics zabardast to ayengi aakhir lee hee ek zabardast banday ne theen 😉

    JonyDada: Didnt get your point, the pics arent doing justice?

    Story is on the way!

  5. um jealous of your mobile !! r these really ur mobile pics ?

  6. Well ofcourse, they are my cellphone’s pics. I forgot my camera at home. :S

    And JonyDada pics isi size ki hain is say bari karnay pe distort hojati hain (i m talking about the 640×480 size). Waisay I ve got loads of more pics, some of them as clear cut as ever 😉

  7. uXuf bhai i meant ke being there in reality aur pics dekhnay mein buhut farq hai 🙂

  8. Nice pics.

  9. JonyDada: You’re right. Absolutely. Sometimes what you can capture on the lens isn’t what you’re really experiencing with the naked eye. But still, most of the places were breath-takingly beautiful.

    Extiinct: Thanks :P–>

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