Aaaarggghhhh! I just hate myself!


12 Responses

  1. its mutual

    we hate u too 🙂

  2. Its okay. You people dont *just* hate yourself. You might be hating other people too. But I *just* hate myself. :S

    And I dont hate you for hating me. I hate myself for not hating you for hating me! Thats the most hated things I have ever hated to hate.

    Still, the hates are going strong. 😛

  3. yes yes i hate u too…just so, u dont feel all alone :p

  4. but i luv u 🙂

  5. See seeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Nobody *just* hates me!

    Thanks pajia. I luv u too 🙂

    JonyDada: Please start *just* hating me. Or hating *just* me. Or whatever.


  6. ewwww that was some play with words :p

  7. ok ok… i hate *just* u. now do u feel any better?

  8. Oh my God! Everybody hates me! And nobody cares why I hate myself! I hate you all!

    I hate you all 2 3 5 8 13 21!

    I shouldnt have posted this! 😥

  9. hawwww…but why?!

  10. bohat ho gaya hate pate wapes ajao

  11. Thanks lil princess, atleast aap ne hee mera khayal karliya. Can you ask your daddy to assign a royal psychiatrist to me? Please please pleaseeeeeeee! I know your dad can afford it!


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