Tour de Pakistan ’05

25-Jul day 0 Depart from Karachi
26-Jul day 1 Karachi -> Islamabad
27-Jul day 2 Islamabad -> Muree -> Patriata -> Islamabad
28-Jul day 3 Islamabad -> Besham (Night Stay)
29-Jul day 4 Besham -> Gilgit
30-Jul day 5 Gilgit -> Fairy Meadows (Rama Lake optional) [Jeep Track] / camping
31-Jul day 6 Gilgit -> Naltar Lake ( Shaucer Lake) -> Gilgit [Jeep Track]
1-Aug day 7 Gilgit -> Sost (hunza)
2-Aug day 8 Sost (Hunza) – Rest Day
3-Aug day 9 Sost -> Khunjerab Pass (China Border) -> Karimabad -> Sost
4-Aug day 10 Sost -> Gilgit
5-Aug day 11 Gilgit -> Skardu (night stay)
6-Aug day 12 Skardu – Rest Day (optional – Shigar Valley)
7-Aug day 13 Skardu -> Shangrilla Resorts (Kachura Lake)
8-Aug day 14 Skardu -> Deosai Planes [Jeep Track]
9-Aug day 15 Skardu -> Sadpara Lake [Jeep Track]
10-Aug day 16 Skardu -> Abbottabad
11-Aug day 17 Abbottabad -> Lahore (Motorway)
12-Aug day 18 Grand Dinner (Lahore)
13-Aug day 19 Lahore -> Karachi

So thats it! I am leaving tomorrow morning, 9 o’ clock. Although I soooo much want my friends to accompany me! And I soooo much don’t want to leave them here. But I guess, in the line of duty.

Really, I am torn between go and no-go, friends and duty. But I am sure they’ll understand. So friends, keep hope, I’ll be back. Meanwhile I might not blog much, or for that matter, blog at all. But I am sure my friends will miss me. I will miss them too.

*Piya bin muhey naahi rehnaa*

4 Responses

  1. DANGGGGG…. I m soooo jealous *grumpy*

    Enjoy urself buddy 🙂 bring back the pics for us:) have a safe trip

  2. Have a safe trip and loads of fun:)

  3. Pakistan is so cool! I am at Skardu. Thinking of blogging. Hang on it!!

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