Sorry guys. Due to some security (read health) reasons, I am removing all the pictures of my little gurl Vaanya from my blog. And I am discontinuing her dedicated blog too. No offence intended, and I am not too superstitious either, but one has to take all precautions when it concerns they very near and dear ones. She’s a little ill, you guys can pray for her that she gets her playful self quickly.

I am not restricting you at all. You are welcome to visit my place and see her whenever you want, and whenever she is available. Whenever.

And puhleeez she is *only* my love, okay? Anybody listening?


6 Responses

  1. Insha Allah she will get well soon. Insha Allah :)…. and no u r still my raqeeb-e-rosia *snooty*

  2. she’ll get well soon Inshalllah..and i wonder if the nazar lagna superstition really is true..

  3. Update: She’s home, and she’s better.

    S!d: I hope that isnt, but evidently it looks very much like true. :S

  4. Glad to know she back home

    Yar uXuf make a habit to read 4 Quls for her daily. God bless her.

  5. Yeah sure. The dawaein are on, as well as the duwaaein 🙂


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