We’re going jogging!

My shoes are cool, they seem a little big though :S

Hey Dad! I am ready to go!!!

Nike: Rule your senses!


9 Responses

  1. Haha who is this young chap? son of urs?

  2. Lol this is the same *she* who was modeling for Pepsi 😉

    And I haven’t married yet! 😦
    She’s my love. My shweety young niece, the daughter of my brother 🙂

  3. lol @ she.

    Chalo hato …ab se u r raqeeb-e-rusia… i m in love *ankhon mein dil bananay wala icon*

    Masha Allah shes is cute wesay… & dont worry koi na koi mil hi jai gi :p

  4. Chandi jaisa rang hai tera , sone jaise baal
    Ek tu hi dhanwan hai gori, baki sab kangaal…

  5. muaaaaaaaaah!! to ur cute lil neice. she loooks so sweeet specially in those huge shoes. [:)]

  6. JonyDada: She IS cute 🙂 And she is *only* my luv! hunh!

    And u ve written raqeeb-e-ro-siah in such a way that it seems like raqeeb-e-ruswa 😛 I am not THAT!

    Aur dua karo k jaldi mil jaye.. i m tired of waitinggggggggg!

    Sanchari: Very sublime. Waisay what does ur name/nick mean?

    sid: Thanks for the muah, I ll convey it to her when i ll see her next 😛

  7. Dont worry 🙂 Sabar ka phal (Biwi) Meethi hoti hai :p

  8. bt mujhai to kaheen sai bhi nahi lagta k uxuf ki biwi meethi hogi 😛

  9. Yeah sure, kuch khatti kuch meethi 😉

    Mil to jaye pehlay :S

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