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  1. OMG I love this post. Its so insightful and full of astute observations 🙂

  2. nahi actually hez embarrassed last post k liyeh!! dats y hez posting such posts!!!

  3. It might not look like that, but it is very expressive. Like impressionist art. Just that there is no impression 😛

    And no I am not embarassed at any of my earlier posts, not at all.

    These posts convey what I am, and what I stand for. They are essentially me!

  4. .

  5. Where did my reply go ? *eek* or it never got posted? khair mein ne itna hi likha tha ke i reloaded the page 4-5 times thinking ke post mein koi pic hogi jo aaj kal ke slow net ki waja se load nahi ho rahi *smack*

  6. Sid: Very intuitive comment indeed. People: Thats what’s called expressing yourselves in a few words 😛

    JonyDada: This post had content (Surprise!). But our very khoobsurat net, and the Blogger value added services just robbed me of my very beautiful post!!!

    No I am not gonna put it up again 😦

  7. i just added a point to ur very expressive post!!

  8. Point taken..!–>

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