Gender Inequalities

I admit men are not suited for the jobs women are supposed to do. Unfortunately, I am in that category of men too. Take last night, I was trying to carve something which someone does so fine, but heck, I couldnt do it right.

I suppose women are also inequipped for the tasks of men?


3 Responses

  1. So finally now u know the gender inequalities!!!! so stop comparing girls ab khudsai!!!!
    like tum dhoop mai kharai reh saktai for hrs n hrs laikin larki mins n mins bhi nahi khari reh sakti!!! U know gun pt pe kitni cars cheeni jati hian!! 😛

  2. Yes of course. Mein to paida hee hoa hoon khuwar honay k liye 😦

  3. khuwar honai k liyeh nahi!! but this is the gender inequality!!!! tumko to sirf dhoop mai khuwar hona parta hai but the girl has to suffer alot of pains jo larkon ko kabhi feel bhi nahi ho saktai!!!!

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