Chilling hot!

The past week has been very telling indeed. Its excruciatingly hot, and then, somebody’s car AC won’t work. :S

The ride to office leaves me very much drenched in sweat, so I have to run to the bathroom first thing at the office. And that leaves my colleagues wondering. Heck, whatever!

I noticed the Angelina Jolie signboard at submarine chowrangi, and I must admit although I am not a huge (or for that matter a teensy weensy) fan of her, that signboard left me absolutely stunned. The passer-bys might have noted someone staring wide-eyed (mouth agape?) at the signboard. I dont even know what the signboard is of, am so immersed in admiring her. :S But still…

People are mentioning to me that my blog looks less like a blog and more of a cellphone advertising website. Lol, it was just a phase, and it has passed by. Now I wouldn’t be putting up pictures of cellphones, atleast for the time being. No, and that’s a “No”.

And this is what I saw at a local mosque:

“When Our Signs are rehearsed to such a one, he turns away in arrogance, as if he heard them not, as if there were deafness in both his ears: announce to him a grievous Penalty.” Luqman: 7

Felt it went straight through my heart. Allah forgive me for my sins.


10 Responses

  1. Allah forgive :(… dont scare me at 4 am 😦

  2. JonyDada, jab I read it, it was in Urdu. And believe me, it was real effective there and that. I think it loses some of its effectiveness when conveyed in a foreign language. I ll put up the urdu text that so touched my heart.

    And btw have you noted the the boards depicting the streets/blocks the city government has put up around in our area? And the ayahs/ahadiths in it? I m so touched by them too. I ll put them up sometime.

  3. yeah & one of my fav (scary too) line on some of the boards is (with the pic of coffin) “Namaz parhiye qabal is ke ke aap ki namaz parhi jai” 😦

  4. to phir aisi car mai bethnai ka faida kya jo tumko pasand he nahi!!! take a adice!!! next time sai apni pasand ki set c car lai k jana n jisko woh sari hoyee bagair ac ki car thi usko dekha dena k dekho car ho to aisi warna na ho!!! Ok??? dont forget to bring ur won car!!!

    Hello JonyBr!!! 🙂

  5. Ofcourse I shall, but abhi tak office walay are not paying me petrol stipend, and my car doesnt have CNG 😦 Isliyeh sorry no car, and if that somebody’s reading this, please zyada petrol dalwa liya karo takay I dont have to bear the unbearable garmi!

  6. so if u cant bring ur car then stop complaining!!! atleast the other person has the car, tumharai pass to woh bhi nahi!!!!
    gareeb log!!! tch tch tch ..

  7. 9jia: I think you’re right, but what I wanted to say to that someone is that they should atleast think about the other person’s apathy, or quit it altogether! 😛

  8. quit wut altogether?

  9. Ehsaaan! Agar they think k they’re leaning an Ehsaan on me!

  10. abhi bhi story nahi samajh ayeee :S

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