Discussions on tharki-pun and homosexuality

uXuf: han bhai my clad-in-red toiling-hard serving-little-kids dost
uXuf: kya horaha hai
A$iM: sonnay ki koshish keroun ga
uXuf: oh gud
uXuf: hamara to abhi time nahi nhoa sonay ka
A$iM: is ur orkut working?
uXuf: umm yep
uXuf: it was a lil while ago
uXuf: u see, i dont use orkut much
uXuf: i think ab woh tharkion wala bangaya hai
A$iM: yeah rite, uve realised tht going to desi baba is a lot better than wasting time on orkut
uXuf: lolz
uXuf: actually the thing is
uXuf: i dont go to desibab
uXuf: cuz their speed of updating is lot slower than my devouring their stuff
A$iM: freakin….. bad bad server
A$iM: it doesnt even signs in
uXuf: lol
uXuf: haan yeh horaha tha the last time i was tryin to sign in
uXuf: abhi nahin hoga
A$iM: Mobilink thrown away?
uXuf: takreeban
uXuf: cuz i culdnt find the sim
uXuf: waisay bhi i ve heard that their service is deteriorated since i quit being their user
A$iM: im off
uXuf: ohk
A$iM: want to sleep badly
uXuf: i can understand : P
A$iM: bbye darlz
uXuf: cya then
A$iM: muah
uXuf: lahol wala quwwat
uXuf: bee-z k sath mat raha karo
uXuf: u re getting crooked
A$iM: whts bad in it
uXuf: theres nothing bad
uXuf: but everything s BAD
A$iM: im just showing my brotherly love for u
uXuf: oh sheesh
uXuf: muah then
A$iM: lol
A$iM: bye
uXuf: bye
uXuf: (k)
uXuf: P


3 Responses

  1. what? u din send him that whack heart wink on msn?

  2. Nahin actually I sent him the kiss wala wink, but then as he was using an “older version of MSN”, the wink wasnt sent to him. 😦

    I was supposed to show my brotherly love too!!!

  3. Ewwwww. Now i m not telling u where i live :p

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