The saga ends

In the end: I got the Nokia 3220. And since it feels a little old to me, I got to let it through a major overhaul. Here is what it looks like:

Image hosted by

CB gave me the cell, because he got him a new cell. The ultra-slim, uber-cool, Motorola Razr V3. Isnt it stunning?

Image hosted by

It has got perhaps everything under the sun that a cell could have. With 4X VGA Camera, aluminium finish and stunning resolution, it makes a bold personality statement.

I handed the 1100 to Abba. Waisay bhi that was meant for him. I was going to buy a new one anyways, but think 3220 will work πŸ™‚


2 Responses

  1. I had this cell till my friends started calling it w-21, yeah the bus w-21
    it was worst in urdu…double-u-ikees!
    now i got another set, the diamond shaped nokia..forgot its number. and now thats a sabun dani *roll eyes*
    these iba’ians arent happy with anything

  2. Oh yes, it IS like that, just that my friends affectionately refer to it as W-11 :S

    But (and this is a big BUT) it silences all its critics by means of its performance. All my friends are ga-ga over its camera. The result is absolutely breath-taking!

    And I dont know what has happened, but now I dont like carrying a cellphone that is just that, a cellphone. It’s gotta be something more than just a cellphone, but without all the shashkay. So if I buy a new one, rest assured that it will provide me, as you business graduates say, with value-added services πŸ˜‰

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